How likely can an indigenous person have green eyes?

This girl in my class is apparently indigenous (dark olive skinned color like the Native Americans, wavy-straight black hair but bright green eyes).

Nope, those aren't contact lenses. It's her real eye color from birth. Interesting. Never saw that one before.

5d I've heard of a couple black people with blue or green eyes but never saw an indigenous person with a different eye color.


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  • This is called genetics and recessive genes. All she would have needed was for one ancestor on each side to have green eyes some generations along the way, and bam! You have a green-eyed, dark-skinned, dark-haired child.

    I have red hair. Out of my three siblings, my parents and their 5 siblings and everybody else I'm related to, the only person I was related to growing up who had red hair was my great-grandmother and her sister on my mother's side of the family. Nobody on my father's side has red hair (and yes, I know for certain I'm not a bastard because I look so much like my sisters for my father to not be my father). So the odds of me having red hair was not even a consideration, but it happened.

    Red hair and green eyes are both recessive genes.

    My father has green eyes, but my mother doesn't have an allele for green eyes, so mine are the dominant trait brown because that's what she has.

  • genetics. if this is so fascinating have you been in a bubble?

  • Obviously, they can have green eyes, since you just told us you saw one.

    • 5d

      Yes, but it must probably be very rare. Blue, green or grey eyes (the recessive gene color) tend to be a lot common in white people or Europeans.

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  • There is self-evidently some white DNA in there.