Have any of you wet yourself infront of your class?

Yesterday in English class I was told to present a dumb presentation about Shakespeare because we just read Romeo be Juliet. So I asked to go to the restroom and my teacher said "after you finish presenting you presentation" about 10 minutes later I was at the end when I could barley hold it and I asked to go to the bathroom again and he said no again I started to sway back in forth trying not to pee and right at the end a minute or two away from finishing and I couldn't hold it any longer so my light blue jeans just turned dark blue and you could hear me wetting my self. My teacher hen made me finish my presentation in my soaked jeans then sent me to the nurse who put a pull up on me and said "sorry we're all out of extra clothes" and then he sent me back to class in a very visible diaper.


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  • i once shit my self on a train in japan. Actually, i also shit myself in club here in the UK. I also shit my pants in amsterdam lol.

    All of these scenarios happened after heavy continuous bouts of drinking.

    I should be embarrassed but it was funny at the time and me and my mates can laugh at it to this day.

    I also have a mate who shit himself and puked simultaneously whilst having sex with his mrs lol.

    my point is, these are real stories where as yours is a poor troll attempt.


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  • You should learn to troll better.


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  • I had a teacher that was always in front of me sitting down. In a skirt and i would always see her panties get a hard on and wait for the bell. One day this teacher had a wet spot in the middle of her panties I got a hard on and like 1 min later she asked me to do the problem on the projector. I had a hard on and everybody saw ur smh

  • Such troll, much impressive


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