Why do people not really fear messing with me?

I mean I notice that a lot.

I think a part of it is that I don't really react to things and maybe that gives them confidence to continue to annoy me.

I just don't get why I'm always the target. I can think that either they're resentful of me for some reason, just don't like me. Or worse they look down on me.


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  • Small people will attack those that give them the least resistance. It builds their confidence in attacking others so they feel, "big" lol.. But these same people are quick to duck tail the moment they are met with a smidge of resistance. Only the weak feel the need to prey on those they feel they can prey on lol. Strong people have no desire to waste time on stupid bullshit like that 😂

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      Well said.

      But sometimes I do find myself wondering, out of all the people to pick on, why me?

      It does make me wonder if there's something distinct about me that causes that.

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    • 2d

      Basically I used to be a good student, then I stopped, and I started to feel people didn't respect me. I realized with further thought that while it's true they feared me more before, it didn't stop them from talking shit about me or trying to undermine me.

      I used to attribute a lot of it to jealousy or envy, but I mean, they don't seem obsessed with their resentment for me the way a jealous person would be.

      It makes me wonder if the problem here is that I have a lot of confidence and think highly of myself, but they don't necessarily believe that I'm capable of both those qualities.

      It could be also my demeanor which is very non-argumentative. If someone says something to me I'll rarely argue back or fight back. This might give them a chance to test the waters and think it's okay to mess with me.

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      So you're a confident non confrontational individual? Interesting. What are your reasons for being non confrontational? I think I know you're reasons but idk? Is it because you see how pointless it is to waste energy on silly little haters or something else?