Any Other waitresses or waiters on gag? Former ones?

What is your worst customer story? What was your biggest pet peeve? Biggest tip? Have you ever not been tipped?


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  • Yeah I did sometimes when I worked at a golf course. I hated taking people's orders, and the manager would get super pissed if we messed up orders. Yeah it's a golf course so some people decided not to leave a tip. I don't know what the biggest tip was cause we split it for 3 people. But one time we got 40$ in tips each, when there was a wedding held at the course.


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  • I was a server. My stories are too long to post, but my biggest tip was $100 (I was at a burger joint so that was considered huge) and biggest pet peeve of parents who can't control their messy and nasty kids. And I've been stiffed a lot, especially by those parents who can't control their messy and nasty kids.


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  • I was a bus boy 11 ywars ago.

    It was picky ass customers.


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