How likely can you look similar to a long dead ancestor?

My great-great grandfather from my mother's side has been dead for nearly a century already. Ironically, I look similar to a childhood picture of him when he was 10 versus a picture of me at the same age, to the point some friends would joked that the only difference is the color of the picture.

In addition, a couple of his genes didn't show up for a very long time... until I was born.


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  • It's very possible. You can inherit just about any trait from any one of your ancestors. Explaining how two dark parents can still have a very light child or a family of blonds creating a brunette.

  • very likely

    • if his genes didn't show up for awhile it just means his are recessive and your parent that isn't related to this relative also has the recessive genes your great-great-grandfather possessed.

    • Interesting. I was thinking that his genes (esp recessive ones) would have already die out by now since it's that far back.

    • not necessarily though. It just means that between him and you his recessive genes were paired with dominant genes

  • OK I think I'm related to this statue of some ancient person from Egypt or something. I saw it and I was like wow, that looks like me, then some tourists were like that looks like you and asked to take pics of me next to it haha.
    Then my brother, he looks exactly like my great great great grandfather. It's so weird.


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