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so i was raised around a very diverse family. and my aunt has an Australian accent and it rubbed off on me but i dont sound Australian much at all. my default accent is just alittle bit of a combination of Irish and Canadian and it's very unique. but yet from watching and learning from my aunt my whole life i can make a perfect Australian accent. which one should i publicly use? aso i have a very very deep voice if that works better with one.

  • Australian
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  • Irish take out Canadian
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  • Canadian take out Irish
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  • irish/Canadian mix
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  • Just whatever comes naturally. Is there any reason you want an accent that doesn't reflect who you are?

    Mine is weird, I'm Australian but was forced to ettiquette and elocution lessons when I was a teen so prounounce many words different than my peers and have this weird lilt in my sentences. It's hard to force a different accent except when we go home to NZ then it's a natural kiwi


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  • Honestly, just use whatever you like the most.


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  • And your voice is super low... All I can picture your voice sounding like is Morgan Freeman with an accent 😂😂😂

  • How about you just use your natural accent?

    I can do a cracking American accent but I'm still British and I naturally have a British accent

  • Whichever comes naturally to you, why does this matter?

    • its a q e s t i o n :/ it doesn't really have to matter but ig because im curious i asked. after all it is a question.

  • Be happy with the accent you have?


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