Do girls like guys who put them in there place?

Like do girls like guys who make them back down lol


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  • I feel like if you're going to dish it then you have to be able to take it as well. I have no problem putting a man in his place lol but I don't like a pushover so if I go off on my guy and I'm wrong or being unreasonable in that situation then I'd like him to stick up for himself. Gotta be a balance

  • No of course not, women have the same rights as men. There should be no defined "place" to be put in. Women are equal to men, women are not dogs, not pets or accesorcies. Women are human beings just like men. Without women, men would not continue to exist. Women bring life into this world. Your Welcome. Women deserve and need to be respected and treated fairly. Women must become independent and not 100% dependent on men.

    • Lol I didn't mean it to that extent lol

    • Women are independent and no one will ever be completely independent lol that's impossible

  • nope I like to be considered equal to my partner


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