Does it matter what kind of a car a guy drives?

Is this something girls care about?

Ok, so the reason I ask is because my family wants to give me an old foreign station wagon as a hand-me-down. It works fine, but it's totally not the kind of car I want to drive!
Most of my friends drive BMWs. But I'm still a student, so I can't afford much right now. Wondering if it's better to take the station wagon (even though I hate it), or save up until I can buy a car I like.

Will girls assume I have bad taste?


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  • i guess it would depend on the girl I guess. and not every girl would want to be driven around in a piece of crap. the only thing girl really look for are cars that have:

    -working AC

    -A working radio

    - cause if there's not working radio, I'd probably think omg this guy doesn't have a working radio... "crap..."

    and in the winter

    - a working heater

    - people think that body heat is the best kind of heat but it never fun when your freezing your ass off in the freezin cold winter...

    Hope I helped ")

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      Yeah, it's got all that. I just don't like the car, it's like a family car and not sexy at all, and I'd feel embarrassed taking a girl to a nice place in the city with it. Am I too self-conscious?