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Does it matter what kind of a car a guy drives?

Is this something girls care about?

Ok, so the reason I ask is because my family wants to give me an old foreign station wagon as a hand-me-down. It works fine, but it's totally not the kind of car I want to drive!
Most of my friends drive BMWs. But I'm still a student, so I can't afford much right now. Wondering if it's better to take the station wagon (even though I hate it), or save up until I can buy a car I like.

Will girls assume I have bad taste?

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  • i guess it would depend on the girl I guess. and not every girl would want to be driven around in a piece of crap. the only thing girl really look for are cars that have:-working AC-A working radio - cause if there's not working radio, I'd probably think omg this guy doesn't have a working radio... "crap..."and in the winter - a working heater - people think that body heat is the best kind of heat but it never fun when your freezing your ass off in the freezin cold winter...Hope I helped ")

    • Yeah, it's got all that. I just don't like the car, it's like a family car and not sexy at all, and I'd feel embarrassed taking a girl to a nice place in the city with it. Am I too self-conscious?

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  • Not at all. That being said, a certain vehicle can draw a girls attention. I grew up in the country, so guys in trucks definitely get a second glance. But I wouldn't date/not date a guy based on what he drove.

  • hell no. doesn't matter

  • Well it depends. For me it doesn't matter because I'm not materialistic...I mean, I'd rather you not be driving a piece of sh*t, you know? But I'm not expecting you to drive an $80,000 convertible.So, it really depends on the girl. If she seems like the spoiled type...then yeah it probably matters to her.

  • It really doesn't matter as long as it's safe

  • No, not at all.Because if a girl did care about what car you drive, she's just plain shallow. And would you really want to be with a girl who is that vain? I think not.To be honest, I couldn't give a crap what kind of car the guy I'm dating drives. I don't know anything about cars. As long as it runs, has a decent radio and working AC, I'm good. It's not like we'll be living together in his car, it's just to get from point A to point B kind of thing for me.Then again, I don't drive. So anyone I date always has to tote my ass around everywhere. But still. I want a BMW when I'm older, but I could care less about what kind of make and model guys I date drive now.Good luck.

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  • some girls it does because the nicer the car they think you hav more money but as far as for me I real don't care as long as its cleen and don't wake the hole town up when you drive it

  • Girls that do care about the car you drive have been living in a fantasy land and need to get knocked off cloud 9 immediately.

    • BMW's are Yuppie cars. They are strictly a status symbol. Kind of Materialistic if you ask me.

  • Yea I'm guessing they wouldn't care too much. But if its a rusty old dented-everywhere sweatbox... then yea.. even I would care! I think the car girls would think of as a minimum would be a used car, with a fairly nice paint job, not too many dents, and a working engine (one that doesn't make you get it fixed every week)...

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