Husband password protected his cell phone?!?

My husband recently put a password on his cell phone. When I asked him why he had a password on the phone, he said it has been that way for months (this is not true). I use his phone to make calls sometimes and have never entered a password. When I said it looked odd to me he got defensive. Should I push the subject or let it go?


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  • You password protect for one reason. To keep stuff private. Now unless he's a govt agent or has very important and sensitive info for work on it or he's prone to losing his phone. Than I can see that as a good reason to password it. If he doesn't have any of those id be interested. I think that's a battle in life that deserves to be fought. I wouldn't think its another women as there could be other reasons. Its normal to be curious but I wouldn't start accusing.

    My gf's wanted to see my phone b4 and I didn't like that she'd ask but I had nothing to hide and gave it to her. I wasn't gonna fight for principal if its gonna cause mistrust and suspicion or accusations in the realtionship. Of course not everyones that logical and civil.

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  • Let it go. If you keep asking he'll consider that nagging and I doubt he'd tell you what's going on anyway.

  • try to create a situation where you need to use his phone (say, yours is out of battery or you left it at home) and then ask for his password as you try to make an important call. if he refuses to tell you the password, he is hiding something from you. he's your husband, why wouldn't he tell you his cellphone password when you two are MARRIED? watch for his reaction. if sh*t hits the fan, don't blame me. this is just my two cents.

  • ask him again and if he doesn't come up with a better reason then push, the only time I password protected my phone was when I don't want others to see my texts

  • Bizarre how most of you think you give up the right to privacy once you are married. I keep a journal on my phone and some of the things I say may not always be complimentary to my wife because I'm venting about an argument we had. If she were to see my comments, taken out of context, it would be very hurtful. Are we saying that a husband has a right to read his wife's diary as well? Let it go. If you don't. trust him then leave, if you do then stay.


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  • My now ex husband and I never hid anything from one another. Phones were always lying around the house, id answer his, he'd answer mine... not a big deal. Then he started keeping his phone on him, hiding it when he was sleeping lol even hid his wallet. Basically- his behavior began to change. He would make excuses and lyes - same as yours saying its been that way. And at times I'd find myself second guessing what I thought I knew as he insisted that I was wrong and things had always been that way.

    Fast forward a month or two later, turns out he had a girlfriend on the side.

    Password protection is for his protection. I'd be cautious and I would confront him. No one wants to be made a fool or cheated on.