Husband password protected his cell phone?!?

My husband recently put a password on his cell phone. When I asked him why he had a password on the phone, he said it has been that way for months (this is not true). I use his phone to make calls sometimes and have never entered a password. When I said it looked odd to me he got defensive. Should I push the subject or let it go?


Most Helpful Guy

  • You password protect for one reason. To keep stuff private. Now unless he's a govt agent or has very important and sensitive info for work on it or he's prone to losing his phone. Than I can see that as a good reason to password it. If he doesn't have any of those id be interested. I think that's a battle in life that deserves to be fought. I wouldn't think its another women as there could be other reasons. Its normal to be curious but I wouldn't start accusing.

    My gf's wanted to see my phone b4 and I didn't like that she'd ask but I had nothing to hide and gave it to her. I wasn't gonna fight for principal if its gonna cause mistrust and suspicion or accusations in the realtionship. Of course not everyones that logical and civil.