Good place for a girl and guy to hang out as friends without it being awkward and date-like?

So I like this guy, but we never get to hang out one-on-one. It's always in a public place with a bunch of people around! :(

So I figured, before I have any chance of being with him, I've gotta be his friend first, right? We're already good friends, but I want to become like, close, close, close maybe best friends? I can't do that though if we never hang out alone together. :( I wanna ask him to do something, but I don't know what to do without it seeming date-y, awkward, or like I'm trying too hard. He's a guitarist and a screamo singer in a band, he's funny and sweet. Any ideas? Guys and girls! (:


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  • You are going about this all wrong. Guys like directness in a girl, they like you to flirt.

    I don't think its very helpful to be friends with a guy first. In fact it actually hurts you, because you train the guy not to think of you as a sexual being. Just flirt with him. You should be able to flirt with him using eye contact, body language and touching. You can convey sexual energy simply enough, if he likes you he will flirt back. Simple.

    You don't need to set up a "date that doesn't look like a date so the date part is secret." You are way over thinking this. If you do ask him out, just ask him out, don't hide that date-ness.

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      Thank you. I think I will give you best answer.... NOW! (: Lol

      Reading your answer, it's all really, really, really obvious. Gah, I do over-think things :/

      But I'll definitely take your advice!! Thanks so much!

      But just for reference, if a girl could flirt with you in ANY way, what would you want her to do?

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      Well I admire a girl who makes the first move. You could make eye contact with him during a conversation and touch your hand to his hand or leg, gently. Run your fingers across him for a few seconds and then remove them. Smile. Do it confidently but softly, while talking.

      create a sexual vibe. You can also touch the back of his neck.

      Ask him what he likes in a girl, get him talking about it.

      ...that's just some of my personal likes, it will all depend on what kind of guy he is.