What kind of TV shows do guys watch?

There plenty of really successful shows on TV, but I feel like most are more addressed to girls (Grey's anatomy, veronica mars, one tree hill,private practice, supernatural,gossip girl, pushing daisies, oc california, Gilmore girls, Glee...) And most people I know, that are watching some of those are girls

So I was wondering, what TV shows do guys watch, do you watch the same? or do you watch any?


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  • Supernatural is not addressed more to women or men. Its equal.

    I watch Smallville,The Big Bang Theory,Two and a Half Men,Criminal Minds,Tosh.0,LA Ink,

    Raising Hope,Supernatural,Attack of the Show,Manswers,1000 ways to Die,

    Rules of Engagement, and Beyond Belief: fact or fiction.

    • I think they do have more female firends tho. Those are good shows though do you watch them regularly or just when randomly see they're on?

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    • I watch Victorious,Icarly,Spongebob Square Pants and Phineas and Ferb when there's nothing good on or when I'm bored.

    • Ya sorry I meant fans, I don't know why I said friends I was probably thinking about something else

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  • House, Bones, Lie To Me, Dexter

    (old shows): Prison Break, LOST, 24, Scrubs)

    I DO NOT watch Grey's Anatomy because it's so OBVIOUS that show is mainly for female audience. Just like Gilmore Girls. I would watch Desperate Housewives though if I had time. It's actually got a good story unlike Grey's Anatomy which is just... so much drama of the boring kind. =.=

    • I like your show choices! I love all those shows. Almost equally, l despisee Desperate Housewives. its just plain retarded.

  • I watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. That's pretty much it.

  • south park. it's always sunny in philadelphia is good but dish's sorry ass don't have fx channel no more

  • south park. everything else sucks ass

    • Gosh I hate that show, but actually I know a lot of guys who like that show too

  • I like sports...Deadliest Catch...The Apprentice...Entourage...News. But, I also like cooking shows (I'm a great cook).

    I've never watched Grey's Anatomy or any of the shows you listed.

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  • supernatural isn't more addressed to girls..where did you get that from?

    • Well I watched one episode online, the other day and there were plenty of comments underneath it and while I didn't read all, the first 20 were all by girls

    • That doesn't mean anything

  • I don't watch any of the shows you listed. I never thought about how they were geared toward females because they don't appeal to me at all. I'm a tad confused. Apparently I enjoy male TV shows...

    • It was just a sample, list is endless ( The Mentalist, Criminal Minds,Smallville, Vampire Diaries, Big bang theory,Fringe,Cougar town just to name a few more) I just feel that those shows which people actually watch regular, attract mostly girls

    • Hahaha I don't watch those shows either. I guess when I think about it I mostly just watch the History Channel, cooking shows, and occasionally Family Guy.

  • omg I love gilmore girls, its practically all I watch

  • Family Guy, American Dad

  • I watch a lot of netflix so family guy, the simpsons, the looney toons, darker than black, spongebob, mad men, dead like me, weeds,

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