Why do most hot girls smoke?

Like I see a girl that's really sexy and beautiful, and she takes out a cigarette and the attraction goes away instantly...

why do girls do it ?...do they WANT to age faster ?


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  • Why does ANYONE smoke cigarettes? There are lots of reasons: stress, socially, when drinking, etc etc. Bottom line is that usually, very quickly, people become addicted and that's what keeps them smoking. I speak of this as a smoker myself, and I absolutely know how gross of a habit it is and I'm in the process of quitting. To all non-smokers out there, seriously, NEVER START! :)


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  • i understand its your right to feel that way, but don't judge too quick. what if she has/had a horrible home life and that's just a way she learned to deal. or what if its the only thing she's ever known and somewhere along the line she just picked one up and joined in, and never had anyone to tell her its wrong. you just never know.

  • I think in a way smoking can aid the hotness, most people lose weight when they start smoking.

    Also those hot girls are probably stupid and shallow, so they think it makes them look cool.

  • They probably think it makes them look cool or some crap like that. Not all women smoke, horrible habit, glad I don't have it.

  • It's relaxing nd it jus let's you clear your head.. I dnt smoke occasionally tho jus once a week or so

  • because smoking helps you lose weight, and stay at a good weight. because a smoke is like food; a person craves it, and if they don't have it, their stomach feels empty and they eat more when they aren't smoking. I know this, cause I used to smoke, and when I quit, I gained a little bit of weight. but I lost it again, so it's all good. :) but that's usually why girls do it. and it apparently relieves stress.

  • smoking kills your appetite and keep your weight down. just get over it. if you want them to be hot, respect the things they do to maintain it


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  • The marketing guru's have this one to themselves I think.

    It's all about image. Everywhere you look around, you see people smoking right? I'm sure it all started because of image, and the pop-culture surrounding smoking (which may not apply so much these days). Back in the day, it was seen as pretty cool to be smoking; the coolest kids in school would be smoking; funny how those same people, we sometimes the one's rebelling against something.

    Nowadays though, the culture of smoking is ingrained in society. Our parents grew up with smoking, because their parents probably smoked too, and their parents smoked as well, and so forth. And since the majority of us, look up to our parents, we see them doing something, then, we think, well we want to do it as well. Case of monkey see, monkey do - I mean, who doesn't want to look cool? (And don't say you don't want to be, because every subset of society has a bit of coolness to it; you might just not be able to see it).

    But Xenophobia is correct. Apparently the nicotine in cigarettes speed up your metabolism slightly. But that only explains why you would still continue to smoke; that and the fact that like all other drugs, they're addictive in someway (all drugs have varying levels of addictiveness).

    Now, I know that smoking is a bad thing; medical reports linking it to illnesses and everything. But I suppose it's like drinking alcohol. Although the effects might not be so apparent (you can get illnesses), and the second-hand effects may not be so potent, it's still the same thing. I guess a non drinker could ask someone that does drink, why do they do it? Do they WANT to ... (insert something here).

    We all do something for a reason, and it might not make sense to others until we're in their situation.

    Having said that, I'm not a smoker, so I'm not having a go at anyone for smoking, nor am I a drinker. Though I do eat a lot... =D

  • Smoking is a habit,those hot chicks you see smoking,its their habit,some smoke bcos of heartbreak,stress etc..

  • They say cigarettes keep you skinny because it makes you're metabolism quick. But who knows if that's true. I think that was just an excuse made up by hot girls to justify there addiction to cancer sticks.

  • i know... I don't get it ether like the other day I saw a cute girl but as soon as it was time to catch the bus to go home from ged class she lit up a cigarette and even though she was a hott girl seeing her smoke made her ugly etc I guess its the same with guys some smoke and some don't its just life

  • Make a scientific study about it, sounds fun. :D