Is smiling flirting?

just wondering peoples opinions on this

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  • I think it as simple flirting borderline friendly but I'm not always sure if the guy is just being friendly or showing interest...thats the thing with smiling, can't be so sure! smiling is sort of like common courtesy when you speak with someone or you're holding a conversation..sort of...its not necessary but you want seem friendly and nice right ha ha ha so if you're trying to signal to a girl that you're're gonna have to do more than that but smiling doesn't hurt...the whole world should smile more often lol sorry went off topic there :)


What Girls Said 5

  • I smile at my friends all the time, that doesn't mean I'm flirting.

    Though I am when I'm keeping a long eye contact.

  • i think it depends on how the person smiles but normally no smiling is just a friendly gesture.

  • It depends in what way you're smiling. Smiling can definitely be a form of flirting, but if I see someone I know and I smile at them, does it mean I'm flirting? No it doesn't. A smile can also be a friendly hello or a sign of acknowledgment.

  • A long, gazed smile, is a flirtatious smile.


What Guys Said 4

  • Of course! The most basic level of flirting.

  • Hey gnargnar,

    Yes. It can be. But, just because a girl smiles at you, that doesn't necessarily mean she wants to get it on so try to contextualize the smile with her other behavior i.e. what else is she doing?


    - Evan | Dating Advice -> link

  • Haha, oh goodness no. There are smirks which can be pretty flirty, but smiling in itself is innocent. Unfortunately, a lot of guys take it as something more and than when they try to act on it they get rejected. Smiling for me just means that you're friendly. If I smiled at someone and they smiled back I would take that as an invitation to approach them and nothing more.

  • if its long, and they keep eye contact, 100% flirt

    but if they just see u, and you two catch eye-contact, and he/she smiles, then looks away, theyre just being friendly

    a lot of people mistake a friendly smile for flirting.