Best decade to grow up in?

Just thought I would see what everyone thinks the best decade was to grow up in (doesn't necessarily have to be the one you grew up in).

Why did you choose your answer?

I'm biased. I think being a '90s kid was pretty darn awesome. :-D

  • Vote A 2000s
  • Vote B 1990s
  • Vote C 1980s
  • Vote D 1970s
  • Vote E 1960s or earlier
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  • I grew up in the 90s but I think I'd have to say the 80s. I don't know, I think part of it goes to I'd have liked to have experienced more of the 80s. 90s are definitely a close second, I'm pretty happy with the 90s. Third would be probably the 60s, growing up during the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo era. (American space exploration). 4th would be the 70s, not quite as big into them. I don't particularly like the 00s as far as growing up is concerned, it really has the least childhood innocence but it would be 5th. I rank the 50s and 30s together next in that they do have the "simpler times" charm to them, but there were other problems associated with them. I can't really say much about the 20s as far as growing up goes as I don't see much differences between them. What I will say is being my age in the 20s would've been good, given the happy go lucky care free nature of them. 10s and 40s are ranked together in dead last due to the wars. You're growing up with people close to you away at war not knowing if they're coming home. Ya not great. 1900s and before, can't say, my history's not good enough.

    General points

    Not a fan of the Red Scare

    TV is important, serves as a milestone for convenience technology

    Growing up while the personal computer was still growing up would've been cool

    Video games were best between 1988 and 1998

    Music decades: 1980, 1990, 1970, 2000, 1960 (yes it had the beetles, that's all it had).