Why do Greek men like black women? This greek adonis has been trying to?

date me for 11 years now.. He is very attractive -- has a great body - nice muscles and is very nice looking =- but 11 years he has tried to date me - now I want to give him a chance.. Though I heard Greek men won't marry out of their race is this true. He and I (I am black) have a great time together - he has met my parents before.. He has invited me to his house to meet his parents before when he lived with them but I never did... But he has stayed in touch with me for this long and is very nice to me when we do go out... Is there some fantasy or what? But he does kind of remind of me a black man in a way - he is a very handsome guy - now some how he is rich - he even has a Bentley now that he has come to take me for a ride in. please advise is there some Greek male/Black female fantasy? I never would seriously consider him before but now I well.