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Why do Greek men like black women? This greek adonis has been trying to?

date me for 11 years now.. He is very attractive -- has a great body - nice muscles and is very nice looking =- but 11 years he has tried to date me... Show More

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  • it's false i am Greek and i dont like Greek women except one girl at my age who is cute no one else

What Girls Said 1

  • Do Greek men marry out of their race? Like every single other group of people, there are people who marry outside of their "people" and there are people who don't. The only way you can know about him in particular is to ask him about his views on the matter.

    And seriously, he's been pursuing you for 11 years. Ever think that maybe he just likes you as a person and this has nothing to do with your race? If it was just a fantasy to date a black woman, why would he spend 11 years trying to date you when there are thousands of other black women out there who would probably say yes to him?

    • Good point... I think I just think he is so nice looking that a lot of woman would want him - and you are right there ARE other black females than just me.. You are right - well I am single now and very opened to fully dating him if that is what he wants I do enjoy hanging out with him always have.

      Thank u

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