How do you ask a girl to come to your place?

saturday night I'm going to a club and afterward I'm going to a freinds condo with some other people, my freind said we can bring girls we meet at the club , how do I ask a girl to come back to the condo with me?


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  • You should first make sure she's interested in you. If you guys have been talking and dancing and flirting for a while, I would say she is probably at least attracted to you. There's no real sneaky way to ask her, you just have to do it. Sometimes it works better if you tell her she can bring friends with her and also let her know there will be other people there. It will help her feel more comfortable.

  • Ask, would you like to come back to my condo with me, easy as that. If she is the type who will sleep with a guy she doesn't know, she doesn't need tricks & games to get her back to your place.


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