What is the best looking Asian race you've encountered?

There is Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Cantonese, Filipino, Singaporean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai...am I missing any?

And yes, I am counting Chinese and Taiwanese as two separate races lol.

This goes for girls and guys! I'm curious what everyone thinks :)


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  • Don't honestly care. I can sometimes tell the difference, but my friend who's Vietnamese even says she herself feels like she looks a little more Chinese or Korean even instead of Vietnamese :P I dun care, I never really notice the differences THAT much. Only because I never care that much about appearances in general. I think I'm pretty consistent about that around the site. Hell, from just visuals I can't tell what white people are from if you line em up and I am white. I never really cared. *shrugs*

    What exactly are the distinguishing differences? I mean, sometimes I can tell their facial structures are a bit different, but even then I've seen a Chinese girl that people thought were from Japan. I mentioned my Vietnamese friend who says she looks a little Chinese (though she wishes more Korean :P I blame the Korean Dramas she makes me watch that she watches a lot for that) and ya. So ya...

    I can easily tell individuals apart, but where they are from based on how they look? Nope.


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  • I can't tell one east Asian from another, really. Some people claim they can, but I certainly can't.

    I don't know why, but a disproportionate number of mothers of my students from Korea are former models. Many are well into their 40s, but they could pass for early 30s, even late 20s. I know some people maintain that models aren't hot in real life. Well, I've tutored a number of their children privately. Having visited these mothers' homes, I've seen a number of them in frumpy bathrobes, sweatshirts and sweatpants, messy hair, no makeup... they're still hot.

    Technically, the Middle East and India are part of Asia. What about them?

  • Japanese by far, in my opinion.

  • no offense to anyone but they all look the same to me.

    • That's like me saying all white people look the same to me. O_O

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    • I'm Taiwanese and you can't really tell the diff from a chinese, japanese, korean. The only way you can tell the difference is from the way they talk, behave, and dress. Lol, even my mom/aunts have asked, is she Taiwanese? Chinese? where is she from? So he's basically right. You can identify one person from another, but not by country just through looks.

    • i disagree with your comment " faux punk" ...haha Asian have different colors and structure too...

  • filipinas =)

  • Chinese and japanese..<3

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  • Id have to say Japanese women for the most part. Most of their skin is just so white and soft and firm all throughout, hahaha! They range from short to tall, and I love love love their culture and traditional backgrounds. I have 2 classmates who are half japanese half white and apparently their japanese genes took over all their looks (not really the skin) BUT they are still soo cute and attractive hahahaha. My only japanese girl classmate moved back to Japan and she still is one of the prettiest girls I've seen. They have sense of style and are just naturally attractive throughout it all (for what I've experienced/encountered)

    • Im filipino by the way :p and my brother married a japonesa in the past haha

  • I don't think the "best looking race" exists. There will be attractive individuals and unattractive individuals. I'm chinese but people constantly guess my race wrong.

  • Iranians,Japanese and Koreans and Vietnamese.

  • I love korean and chinese guys!!!

  • Cambodians & Filipinos

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