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What is the best looking Asian race you've encountered?

There is Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Cantonese, Filipino, Singaporean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai...am I missing any? And... Show More

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  • Don't honestly care. I can sometimes tell the difference, but my friend who's Vietnamese even says she herself feels like she looks a little more Chinese or Korean even instead of Vietnamese :P I dun care, I never really notice the differences THAT much. Only because I never care that much about appearances in general. I think I'm pretty consistent about that around the site. Hell, from just visuals I can't tell what white people are from if you line em up and I am white. I never really cared. *shrugs*

    What exactly are the distinguishing differences? I mean, sometimes I can tell their facial structures are a bit different, but even then I've seen a Chinese girl that people thought were from Japan. I mentioned my Vietnamese friend who says she looks a little Chinese (though she wishes more Korean :P I blame the Korean Dramas she makes me watch that she watches a lot for that) and ya. So ya...

    I can easily tell individuals apart, but where they are from based on how they look? Nope.

What Guys Said 17

  • Japanese by far, in my opinion.

  • Chinese and japanese..<3

  • I can't tell one east Asian from another, really. Some people claim they can, but I certainly can't.

    I don't know why, but a disproportionate number of mothers of my students from Korea are former models. Many are well into their 40s, but they could pass for early 30s, even late 20s. I know some people maintain that models aren't hot in real life. Well, I've tutored a number of their children privately. Having visited these mothers' homes, I've seen a number of them in frumpy bathrobes, sweatshirts and sweatpants, messy hair, no makeup... they're still hot.

    Technically, the Middle East and India are part of Asia. What about them?

  • I like Japanese (I'm a big fan of their culture and history). Koreans are pretty but I heard that most of them get plastic surgery (sorry if I'm offensive, but it appears to be that way for K popstars). Everyone else is alright really, all races have their ugly and beauty. I like pretty Asians !

  • Korean, Japanese, some Chinese/Taiwanese are hot. There are hot girls from other SE Asian countries, but proportionately not so many. And girls in Cambodia seem to have a revolting habit of cleaning out their nose in mid-conversation by inserting their finger up to the second joint.

  • The prettiest I've ever seen is a Korean girl. The prettiest on average is Japanese.

  • is india apart from asia?

  • filipinas =)

  • no offense to anyone but they all look the same to me.

    • That's like me saying all white people look the same to me. O_O

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    • I'm Taiwanese and you can't really tell the diff from a chinese, japanese, korean. The only way you can tell the difference is from the way they talk, behave, and dress. Lol, even my mom/aunts have asked, is she Taiwanese? Chinese? where is she from? So he's basically right. You can identify one person from another, but not by country just through looks.

    • i disagree with your comment " faux punk" ...haha Asian have different colors and structure too...

  • best looking for guys: Chinese

    best looking for girls: Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese

  • Vietnamese all the way!

  • White skin Chinese girls...wow!


  • Filipinas and Japanese do it for me... Chinese and Koreans... nope

  • If you're counting Chinese and Taiwanese as "different races" then you might as well also break-up China into the many ethnic groups that live there:


    The only difference between China and Taiwan is in the culture/politics, not ethnicities or races.

    • I'm from Taiwan, but my ancestors (not even that long ago) were all from China, we basically look the same -.- we just think/behave/talk a bit diff but so does many parts of China. There are a lot of diff looking people inside China alone, China is big after all. Just like the man above said, if I were to line a Japanese/korean/chinese/taiwanese, you wouldn't be able to tell which race it is. The only way you can tell is by how they think/behave/speak/dress.

  • east Asians can maintain a young look, not necessarily a pretty look, for quite some time. And tend to age better. A lot better than the Hispanics which are like flowers who bloom great but wither fast with time. The best of both worlds would be right in the middle (middle east). Persians are perf, too bad a lot are covered up. Southern Asians to me have a wide spectrum although its more like a bell curve. You will most likely meet an average looking brown girl which won't turn you on unless you like that shit. However I have noticed that north indians tend to look better than their southern counterparts because they tend to have better curves and rounder face. Also i guess the darker you look the less appealing you become to the general public. The Polynesians all look same to me so i guess i can safely say they are decent looking however short. This is actually a favorable quality for mail order bride customers who want a "submissive" wife. Hopefully the amount of racism in this post didn't tick you off and you managed to learn something from this.

What Girls Said 16

  • Cambodians & Filipinos

  • Id have to say Japanese women for the most part. Most of their skin is just so white and soft and firm all throughout, hahaha! They range from short to tall, and I love love love their culture and traditional backgrounds. I have 2 classmates who are half japanese half white and apparently their japanese genes took over all their looks (not really the skin) BUT they are still soo cute and attractive hahahaha. My only japanese girl classmate moved back to Japan and she still is one of the prettiest girls I've seen. They have sense of style and are just naturally attractive throughout it all (for what I've experienced/encountered)

    • Im filipino by the way :p and my brother married a japonesa in the past haha

  • You missed out Indians and Sri Lankans

    Personally I think chinese

  • I love korean and chinese guys!!!

  • uhm actually it's kinda hard to tell the difference. to be honest I havnt seen that many of either and it's not like I had the opportunity to line a bunch up and compare them carefully.

  • I don't think the "best looking race" exists. There will be attractive individuals and unattractive individuals. I'm chinese but people constantly guess my race wrong.

  • Iranians,Japanese and Koreans and Vietnamese.

  • they're not 2 separate races, and I'm going to go with...no clue.

    all have beautiful and ugly people

  • I'd say Japanese

  • Pakistanis hands down

  • koreans!(im japanese)

  • vietnamese girls are gorgeous!

  • lmao are you missing any Asian races? you've named the most common ones but there's over a hundred or more considering that china has so many ethnic groups that I can't even begin to name. you also forget the fact that people in the middle east are considered asian. and besides, I doubt you'd or anyone else would be able to tell unless you're an Asian yourself. cantonese is a dialect by the way that belongs to a particular group of people in a region, not particularly an "asian race" in of itself. if you consider it a "race" you must also therefore include mandarin. just to name a few, you forgot laos, cambodian, mongolian, hmong, and then you forgot pakis...etc.

  • Girls have no problem with looks in these categories,...men on the other hand...havn't seen a handsome one yet.

  • Vietnamese girls are always really pretty. I love their flawless skin and shiny hair.

    [I'm Korean]

    • koreans are.

    • Lol. If I said Korean I'd look like I was egocentric. Everyone has their own opinion.

  • what about indians, pakistanis, etc. ? they are also technically asian.

    there are attractive and unattractive people in every race. even if I have a preference toward one group (which I don't in this case) that doesn't mean most people from that group are going to be attractive in my eyes. but yeah I'm into girls (a lot) and I'm about equally attracted to girls of all "races" although there's a thicker, curvy shape that I love that east asians tend not to have. still they can still be sexy as f*** they are just petite. you can be really curvy and petite and a few of them are :)

    i also do not think they all look the same. there are huge differences between all asians, but even if you're just focusing on east asians, sometimes the shape of the eyes is going to be different even if still some variation on almond shapes. one of my ex gfs is filipino and her eyes are of the asian variety (the eye lid difference I think it was) but they are much much rounder than a japanese girl who was in our class. she is also WAY darker, very bronze. I'm a light skinned black girl and she was several shades darker than I am. her hair wasn't straight although it was black. her hair was naturally kind of wavy but really thick and frizzy. she was short though. lol

    right now there's an asian guy I know at my job whos dark tan, really tall, good build, and has rounder eyes. I think his family is from somewhere in south asia/south west asia. so not all asians look the same people. lets not be ignorant f***s here :)

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