What is the best looking Asian race you've encountered?

There is Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Cantonese, Filipino, Singaporean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai...am I missing any?

And yes, I am counting Chinese and Taiwanese as two separate races lol.

This goes for girls and guys! I'm curious what everyone thinks :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Don't honestly care. I can sometimes tell the difference, but my friend who's Vietnamese even says she herself feels like she looks a little more Chinese or Korean even instead of Vietnamese :P I dun care, I never really notice the differences THAT much. Only because I never care that much about appearances in general. I think I'm pretty consistent about that around the site. Hell, from just visuals I can't tell what white people are from if you line em up and I am white. I never really cared. *shrugs*

    What exactly are the distinguishing differences? I mean, sometimes I can tell their facial structures are a bit different, but even then I've seen a Chinese girl that people thought were from Japan. I mentioned my Vietnamese friend who says she looks a little Chinese (though she wishes more Korean :P I blame the Korean Dramas she makes me watch that she watches a lot for that) and ya. So ya...

    I can easily tell individuals apart, but where they are from based on how they look? Nope.