Do you think indian girls are attractive?

i am east indian by the way :) just curious

i'm talking about ethnicity btw


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  • I have you know if your Indian, then that would be a hell yes, because you look good! So yeah if I seen women that look like you walking around, I would definitely be staring... If not drooling (just kidding). Anyways, I think Indian women are very beautiful. As matter of fact I think they have a unique type of beauty that most women don't have because they are light tan, have very sexy eyes, and usually long hair (I love it!). Anyways you could talk to me anytime beauty and I'm an black guy by the way.

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      made me blush with this comment lol

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      Thanks! I'm very glad that I can make you blush... makes me feel like the only man on this website! Haha!