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Do you think indian girls are attractive?

i am east indian by the way :) just curious

i'm talking about ethnicity btw

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  • I have you know if your Indian, then that would be a hell yes, because you look good! So yeah if I seen women that look like you walking around, I would definitely be staring... If not drooling (just kidding). Anyways, I think Indian women are very beautiful. As matter of fact I think they have a unique type of beauty that most women don't have because they are light tan, have very sexy eyes, and usually long hair (I love it!). Anyways you could talk to me anytime beauty and I'm an black guy by the way.

    • made me blush with this comment lol

    • Thanks! I'm very glad that I can make you blush... makes me feel like the only man on this website! Haha!

What Guys Said 54

  • They are attractive.

    • ikr =)

  • Indian girls can be sexy as living f***. Tamil girls too.

    • nice lol :)

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    • did you just try to insult me?

    • You're just gross, okay.

  • Yes, very hot :)

    • ;) nice :)))))00

  • Some of them are, but a lot scare me <.<

    • haha OK ezmotts :S

  • sure

    • nice :)

  • ok now that Priyanks Chopra lady is FIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNEEEEE

    but anyways, an attractive girl is universal. if they're hot then they're hot. regardless of ethnicity

    • thts so true :))

  • Some Indian girls are.

    • true..thnks

    • You're attractive, if that helps.

    • thank you very much

  • Yeah I have seen waaay too good looking indian girls.

    • nice ;)

  • why wouldn't they be?

    • good question

    • @update I love indian girls. I think they are so sexy with that exotic dark skin and I love their cute faces with those eyes that light up a dark forest. and I can't leave out their nice figured bodies either

  • definitely

    • :)))))

  • No doubts about that..

    • i like your answer

    • Cool!

    • Dont mention..i ve watch so many indian movies esp love ones and met few indians in person and they keep proving the point of being quite beautiful in nature...

  • I think that there's something about the contrasts between skin color, facial features, hair type, etc that appeals to many people... does it sound bad to say that it can make women seem more exotic?

    • no it's doesn't...i repsect your opinion and but in studies show that indians' bone structure is almost indentical as caucasians

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    • Aren't north indians considered to have derived from the caucasian race?

      Side note: I think Indian/ Persian girls are GORGEOUS! Can you say Aishwarya Rai? :)

    • my great grandparents were from north india...but thnks for the info I didn't know that..yea you should see Priyanks chopra she's gorgeous and she was miss world 2000

  • all kinds of girls can be attractive.

    • so true man...thnks

  • i prefer white girls, but my friend loves indian girls.

    • i respect that...is your friend cute ? lolz

    • average I guess lol

    • haha..well thnks for your response man...i respect it

  • there are certain girls that are cute. My friend, who is amazing when it comes to attracting women, says his dream girl is indian :)

    • i am indian :)))))) yay...is he cute?...hook me up ...lmao

  • well being indian by itself doesn't make a difference to me but every being I've seen from india (not just in person) has been black, so assuming that she is black I would be really atracted to her. especialy since the ones I've seen also had facial feature that are more asociate with white people so it gives them a very exotic look (atleast to an american), wich I think is hot

    • awesome...btw nt evry indian is black...i'm indian and I'm not black lol...but I still like your answer :)

  • of course they are! and damn sexy too!

    • lol niice =]

  • I think the most beautiful indian women are one of the most beautiful on the planet. The bollywood actresses like Aishwarya Rai are breathtaking. I think it's because Indians sort of look like a mix of everything, in a good way, if that makes sense.

    • yea I like priyanka chopra and katrina kaif

    • OMG aishwarya rai has AMAZING eyes!

  • Nope...unless you're talking about the ones who have british blood from british colonizers in the 19th and early 20th century, then maybe. Indian girls are generally considered unattractive.

    • i think everyone else disagrees as you can see..but I respeect your opinion

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    • well OK yes I admit my fam has brit blood in them from long ago...but trust me are indians there are a lot of indians out there is are hot...especially me lolz

    • This is absolutely false.

  • personally yes, indian babes are still babes.

  • oh my got I love um there nice big ass and the dark meat curtains. and the innocent look. big hips and pear shape I love it love it

  • Yes of course, attractive gals are beautiful gift of nature. across the glob, one can find his kind of gal. it depends what a man is searching in a gal. attractiveness doesnot mean a white or long woman. she could be from asia or africa or america. sometimes, one feels a normal gal attractive because she cooks well, she talks well, she is very good in studies. I personally feel that there is something connected inside the mind, that tells us that this gal is very attractive, irrespective of her nationality. so is the case with all gals. either they are indian or euripia or australian.


    • nice answer man :)))) is that your email for yahoo?

  • yes

    • thnks :)

  • I think indian girls are like most other girls... There are some very attractive indian girls...and there are also some very unattractive indian girls

    • i agree with you I guess in any race..there are the ugly and the so damn gorgeous ones

  • Race doesn't really matter, it depends on the girl.

    • definitely

  • Like any other girl, it depends greatly on her body, makeup, clothes (optional), and personality. I've seen very attractive and very unattractive indian girls. I'm white btw

    • thats true every race has it's beauty and beasts

  • lately iv been very attracted to Indian girls. Wish I had an opportunity to meet some.

    but I could find a beautiful girl of any race. Its all a matter of preference.

    • yea I am east indian...well my great grandparents were from north india...yea that's accurate..in any race there are the beautiful ones

  • yes, yes I do. I'm white by the way if that makes any difference. But yes, I personally do

    • thats great :))

  • well.. I think indian girls are really attractive.. ;) you have beauty eyes and sexy looks..

    • thnks for the response man :)))))

  • I find beauty in all races and creeds. However, Indian (and East Indian) girls posses a certain, exotic quality that is rather nice.

    • i totally agree with you man..thanks

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What Girls Said 22

  • Lol, I'm Indian too! We are definitely attractive ; )

    • hell yea

    • = )

  • lets just say you don`t all look as hot as ash rai and some other pretty indian actresses

    • yea you should check out priyanka chopra as well ..she's hot

    • yeah seen her lol she is

  • Indian girls are gorgeous.

    • thanks hun :))))

  • yesss us Indians are hot! :)

    • most definitely :D

    • hmm..hmmh..hmmm so true !11111

  • i think a lot of indian girls are hot. a lot of them aren't as well. depends on the girl. they don't all look the same ya know. I actually have an Indian friend who is a sweet girl but I'm not attracted to her AT ALL. lol

    I have been in love with Parminder Nagra since middle school. she's so cute! and she's british! ^__^

    Theres a girl at my school whos Indian and she's gorgeous. Her body is amazing too. Pretty curvy, which is sexy.

    For girls, I don't really think any race is prettier than the other.

    I don't really ever see people as exotic though. I don't know why. I mean, I think as Americans we think they are exotic sometimes but I don't really feel that way, if it makes sense. I'm black though so that probably has something to do with it. I do love their clothes though. If I ever date an Indian girl, I'll have her hook me up with a sari. :D

    I love Indian food too sometimes. samosas and veggie kafta curry! P: I like the music as well. and Masala Bhangra! Yay Indians. Okay that's all. ha ha :)

    • :)))) hahaha love your answer..lol

  • Annnnnnddddd your people have AMAZING hair! LOL!

    Annnnddd I love threading. It's great for the brows lol

    • yea I love our hair...lol...:)))))

  • one of my close friends from high school is indian and she got asked to prom like 3 times. she is freakin beautiful no homo lmao

    • hahaha..nice..i'm happy for her lol

  • yeah but north indians are hot..and their accents are beautiful

  • I go to a school that has many Indians and though I am not bisexual I find that Indian women can be very gorgeous.

    • yea I'm east indian btw...thnks for the response :)))

    • I'm sure you are beautiful! And no problem!

    • same to you...:)))))))))) tc.. be safe :)

  • Well they are more attractive than middle eastern girls

    • true

    • thats ironic all the middle eastern people I've seen looked about the same as every indian person I've seen, not I've seen a lot of either. and middle eastern people have a huge range so I don't know how you could make a comparison

  • They can be... I have had bad experiences with East Indian men, but that's something completely different.

    I think that there are certain aspects of Indian girls that are beautiful and certain aspects that are ugly...

  • I'm not a lesbian or anything but, I think that you're so cute! If that answers your question lol I have seen some really pretty Indian women before . There are plenty of pretty women of all backgrounds . :)

    • awwwwwwwwwww thanks chic...thats ttrue evry race is beautiful

  • YES, their so beautiful, dark long hair, pretty eyes, smile, everything

    • nice...thanks hun :)

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    • i nw noticed lol...yea I don't really watch them out of my own option..my aunts make me watch with them lol

    • awe how sweet

  • Sometimes,not always.It's a stereotype that all Indian girls look like Aishwarya Rai...

    • thats funny, that's actually nowhere close to the stereotype where I live

  • Yes! When an indian girl is pretty..i find she is like..SO pretty, absolutely gorgeous.

    • true

  • I think Indian girls are rarely pretty, but when they are, they are exceedingly beautiful. It's a hit or miss.

    • I think you are pretty

    • thnks so much :) I bet you are too :))

  • Some Indian girls are very pretty. You're not pretty at all though, sorry just my opinion. Your pictures look like you're trying really hard. =)

    • ok thts your opinion :)

    • your welcome, my mom is obsessed with Bollywood movies..she can't even read the subtitles

    • haha alrite

  • God, how old are you? You seem to seek approval so desperately? Please go study. You will never get into a good school like the other indian chicks, if you keep coming on random sites seeking reinforcement from random guys from the net.

    What's more pathetic is all the positive comments are responded with "yay I'm Indian". Does this somehow boost your self esteem? You're so pitiful. This post was embarrassing to read. Most Indian chicks are not as desperate as you. We're too busy studying in the ivy leagues...

    • I think the above comment can be said about most ethnic minority females on this site, pathetically trying to seek the approval of others.

    • ummmm...ur pretty pathetic...if you think I am such a pathetic person then move along and don't comment or answer...to actually come here and comment means you read all the answers on this question...ur pathetic...to gtfo!

  • way to be shallow and ask this question. if anything, I think you're fishing for compliments. asking random people if they think indian girls, more specifically you, are good-looking. great ego booster there. you're a winner.

    • maybe

    • no your a winner that's quite an assumption. maybe your just trolling, we could always flipped it to something negitive on gag

  • East Indian? We thought you were from Trinidad?

    • well obviously I meant ethnicity duhhhh =\

  • Of course guys do...:)

  • i think theyre stunning! I knew a white guy in college who was obsessed with them

    • haha is he single? :p lol thnks for your response chic:)))

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