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What's a great first date place to take a girl, to get to know her?

I'm kind of a shy guy at first but I open up once I get to know a girl. There is no real time where I can get to know her at school, because I never... Show More

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  • ice cream. its not a long, fancy date, but its a great no-pressure way to talk and see if you're still interested. if all goes well, plan another date!

    • even in the winter? seems like somethin you'd do in the summertime

    • i guess it depends on where you live. I live in southern california, so it doesn't really matter what season. how about to a restaurant for desert? bake cookies? a movie? (the thing about movies is that you can't really get to know each other)sledding? (if you have snow)

What Guys Said 1

  • cofee or dinner some place where your only entertainment is the other person

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