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What kind of car do you like your guy to drive?

A bmw, lexus, a truck? What kind of car do you like them to have?

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  • Anything but a mini van/big van.

    • But if he was mexican?

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    • Lighten up guy. That's pretty funny, Erika.

    • Lol nice to see a little humor on this site

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  • It doesn't really matter to me. Of course expensive cars are nice for anyone haha (sports cars are my favorite), but I don't care much when it comes to what a guy drives. If he pays for it himself, then that's what matters lol. :]

  • I prefer guys who drive SUVs. I'm really not into trucks, vans, or even sedans (unless they're luxury sedans).

  • it doesn't really matter to me. bt for a teenage guy a sports car is always fun

  • I really don't care. A truck would be nice, but any 4x4 is nice.

  • I really don't care as long as its not crappy or gay looking. Oh not a van either.

  • Something that expresses his personality a jeep if he is outdoorsy, a Japanese car if he is practical, a luxury car if he is high maintenance, ect what ever best expresses his style! In my book, points for driving a hybrid and being environmentally conscious! :-)

    • Does anyone else feel that a luxury car suggests a guy is high maintenance, I drive a merc and I am far from high maintenance.

    • High maintenace is not always bad, usually someone who springs for a luxury car tends to indulge themselves a bit more, and enjoy the finer things in life, nothing wrong with that! :)

    • I understand what you mean, I like do like the finer things life offers but I still wouldn't consider myself high maintenance. thanks for the clarification.

  • i think sports cars (as long as they're not girly) are good, but trucks are my fav. I'd say dodge, ford or chevy are the best.

  • i don't care what kind of car a guy has as long as its not like some piece of crap

What Guys Said 1

  • a limo ^.^

    • You got to be kidding me.

    • Hell... I'd date guy if he drove a limo.

    • What if the guy was like a rich ass dude but he bought a shitty ass car cause he liked it???

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