Weed, Alcohol & Cigarettes? Legalize or Keep/Make Illegal?

Weed- Should it be legal or illegal? Why?

Alcohol-Should it be legal or illegal? Why?

Cigarettes-Should it be legal or illegal? Why?

After a debate yesterday not regarding weed but regarding weed, I'm a little iffy on whether it should be illegal or legal, and without offense I think cigarettes are disgusting and alcohol is...Don't kow

On a side note, I do not do marijuana, I do not drink alcohol as I only drink water and sweet tea(occasionally) and I certainly do not smoke cigarettes...

And I'm from America if this matter any(it doesn't)

How do these issues make you feel?

1)Should the drinking age be lowered?

2)Should the age to purchase cigarettes be lowered?

Again, from the US^^^

In my opinion it makes no sense to lower such ages if weed isn't even legalized, but just looking for opinions


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  • I actually believe ALL drugs should be legal, NIOT because I support their use but proabition has never worked and never will. People need to understand that if someone wants something they will get it regardless and the fact that most drugs are ilegal means that there is an open market for them with zero regulations. As it stands now, as long as you have the money, no matter your age, condition or history you could pretty much find a local dealer on the street corner and get whatever drug you liked without question or difficulty. So in fact drugs being ilegal actually results in the opposite effect at making them much more accessible than even the legal ones.

    Plus the fact that all drugs are ilegal means that zero profit is made from them, over 20 billion a year is made globally with all the profits going to criminal organisations, the fact that they are ilegal means your creating a criminal underworld behind it for supply and demand, if it were ilegal they could not even exist, there would just be no place for them. Raising the ilegality of drugs is even worse, all that means is that now since there is a greater risk in selling drugs, criminals are than faced with the problem of having to be much more dangerous in protecting their investments. Take the Cartels in mexico for an example.

    Now in regards to safe drugs that are ilegal such as marijuana for example, the danger of them being ilegal means that your fueling a criminal underworld who also could link you to hard drugs such as cocaine, Many dealers who sell marijuana would try to get you to buy cocaine because they know how addictive it is and need to go back. The approach we shoudl take which we can learn based on other countries, if we look at the dutch policy on marijuana its been a remarkable success, they have managed to seperate drug markets so people who just want weed don't have to go to a dealer who will try to sell them something else, if we take the portugese approach who are the only country to legalise all drugs so far, they have eliminated the criminal drug market because its not possible to make profit there and there has also been a reduction in use ofering instead of a prison sentence to users but a programme to help get them off in that place. They save millions every year and have one of the lowest rates of use throughout the world of any drug.

    Alcohol has already been ilegal once before in the 1920's, people never stopped drinking it, they just began making it in their own bathtubs at home and created a demand. The criminal economies actually rose up from this and this fueled the need to change its legal status to get some form of control. ilegal drugs mean zero control, they aimed to gain control through legalising in the 1933's which since than has proven to be quite a success. Making it ilegal will send us back 80 years and be in the same position as we are with marijuana now.

    In regards to cigurettes, I do believe they should take away the 599 addives from it

    • Thanks.

      I don't actually believe any of these things should be made illegal or legal or whatever, it was a simple hypothetical question because at the time I was looking for arguments in the weed debate. Thank you!

    • ok cool, and your welcome

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  • I say make them legal, remove the help the government offers for addicts etc, let the idiots drink/smoke themselves to death then rest of society benefits from the money they've provided.

    Darwin would be proud.

    • Survival of the fittest huh?

    • Most sensible.

      And I suppose fittest as well. The smokers and drinkers will hardly be in peak physical shape.

    • Did Darwin support Social Darwinism?

  • I see no reason why any of those things should be illegal.

    • In my country the legal age for buying alcohol is 16, or 18 when the alcohol percentage is higher than 15. Seems to be working pretty well. Requiring people to be 21 seems rather ridiculous to me.

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    • Yes, that is why the teen pregnancy rate is so low, because the age of consent is 15/16/17, there's free health clinics and planned parenthood, they aren't treated like children yet can still manage to be irresponsible.

      What's the excuse of the 21+ year olds who seem to not handle the responsibilities of drinking? Oh wait, there are no excuses

    • > Yes, that is why the teen pregnancy rate is so low, because the age of consent is 15/16/17, there's free health clinics and planned parenthood, they aren't treated like children yet can still manage to be irresponsible.

      I think the teen pregnancy in your country is more a failure of sex education. I've seen some *very* stupid questions concerning pregnancy on this site (and others). Promoting abstinence obviously doesn't work, so why keep doing it? Birth control isn't rocket science...

  • I say legalize all of it. Prohibition doesn't work. It was a disaster in the 30s with booze and it's a disaster now with drugs. Making it all legal will solve a lot of problems with prisons and gang violence, not to mention the disasters taking place in Mexico and Central and South America. It will also generate more revenue for states starved of cash.

  • Weed- Don't care either way. I don't smoke and never will, but have nothing against people who do. I won't be pushing for its legalization, but if it is legalized, I won't protest.

    Alcohol- Keep it legal. Prohibition didn't work in the past, can't see it working now. It wouldn't even be a problem if people did it responsibly.

    Cigarettes - Keep them legal. I'll never smoke, but a lot of people do. Making it illegal would most likely cause more harm than good.

  • "Legalize pot, so the stoners don't have anything else to talk about"--Daniel Tosh

    Plus it would be alright for me to try out weed without screwing up my career plans.

    • @update

      1) No, it should not be lowered. People here don't need to be getting alcohol any easier at a younger age than what already happens. People here aren't responsible enough to drink...responsibly.

      2) No, but for some reason cigarettes are way more common than alcohol so not much you can do there

  • Theres no good reason for them to be illegal. The only things that should be illegal are serious violence and theft, I think. Everything that people need protected from fits under those categories.

    I think an opinion against alcohol, cigarettes or weed, or indeed a lot of substances, is not a worthwhile one. No offence, ofcourse, LOL. But its not. I mean, if you didn't do any of that, and didn't care about any of it, that's alright, but if your really anti- all of it, you just make life hard for yourself, and for everyone around you. No virtue in it. Especially when you realize how little an opinion really means. Opinions are such worthless things on their own, never mind having one so obstinately difficult.

    • I often say 'The best thing about smoking is you get rid of all the wankers who say 'I wouldn't go near anyone who smokes''

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    • Jack one of (F***WAD) media's most successful campaigns has been their attack on tobacco and tobacco users..I express my disdain and UTTER contempt for media and anti-tobacco people every time I get the chance..it is OK to not want to be around a smoker..that is different...

    • Yeah, I can't stand the anti-smoker propaganda. And of course its all owned by the same companies. Nicorette patches and so on, its just another way to cash in.

  • Alcohol and Cigs are already legal. I think they should legalize weed. It would definitely get them out of their intl debt problem if they legalized and started taxing weed that's legally sold. Also, it's less harmful than alcohol and cigarettes combined.

  • weed legalize

    alcohol keep it legal we saw what happened when it wasnt

    cigarette keep it legal

    • yes let me sign up for the military and not let me get drunk before I go get shot at

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    • Haha thanks?

      Pandas are fun to argue with also

    • Thank you ^.^

  • Weed - Legal. It makes people feel good and is fairly non harmful. Plus you can't overdose on it.

    Alcohol - Legal. It already is and I don't see a reason to change it.

    Cigarettes-Illegal. There isn't anything good about them. They just make money for companies and kill people.

    1. No it shouldn't. Alcohol abuse is a problem in our country and so is underage drinking. If it's lowered it makes it even easier for underage people to get their hands on it. Especially if it's lowered to 18.

    2. F***no. lol

  • NOOOOO!! Don't legalize weed. It's my only way of providing for my 10 kids. If it goes legal I would have to start selling crack. (My fat ass baby mama already does though ;). haha) GOD DAMNNNN

  • You do marijuana now though

    • funny how things change and people get influenced so easy

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    • Fine I will. But honestly? Honestly? Do you really think you could walk away from weed right now and never do it again? I doubt it

    • I really should block your ass

  • I smoke cigarettes and do not think they should be made illegal but I think marijuana and alcohol should be.


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  • I think the drinking age should definitely be lowered, the age for cigarettes is fine. And marijuana needs to be legalized already. I don't smoke at all, but it's a little ridiculous to make it illegal considering all of the social and political factors. The biggest issue I take with marijuana is how it places so many people within the criminal justice system unreasonably. You don't need to be incarnated for 3 years for having marijuana, and you definitely should be unable to participate in society after being punished for having marijuana.

    I could go on and on about why it should be legalized, there are very few reasons why we shouldn't, and ultimately the reasons why we should outweigh the reasons we shouldn't.

    • Dude, I never realized how much time a person can get for marijuana. I was watching a show...can't remember the name and one guy was in prison for life for mairjuana, I was like damn,some killers get away with less time

    • Yeah, and even the ones who get off earlier have so much trouble later in life because they can't get jobs with a felony on their records. There was a study done of women who sold marijuana in the DC area and were caught, some ridiculous majority were never given a legal job it was something like 85%, and then more than half ended up selling it again because they couldn't find any other way to survive because they couldn't be hired. It's so sad :(

  • Personally I think the age of drinking should be brought back to 18, I mean you can join the military at 18 and honestly I think cigarettes are worse for you than the occasional beer or two(or shot, depending on what you prefer).

    Drinking shouldn't be made illegal again, as long as it's done in moderation, a person's fine and medical research as found that red wine can be good for the heart, so...

    Cigarettes, don't smoke 'em, don't ever plan on it. It's one of those things where yes it's killing people, but they know the risks, and if the government were to ban them, then it'd just be another way of them taking control, putting them further down the trail of being 'Big Brother'(there's only so much someone can do to protect another from themselves) Ex. A doctor will worn a guy, his blood pressure's too high and prescribe medication, but it's up to the guy if he takes the meds or not. It's free will. I mean, people have high prices and the warnings, cigarette ads(other than the electric kind) are very rarely, if ever shown and definitely not on TV, so people know the price they're paying...then again, I still think that tobacco companies should just shut down, but I don't think the government should be in control of it.

    As for marijuana, I go back and forth myself...it's more natural than cigarettes, it has health benefits, but it does impare judgment, but then again, so does alcohol. People are getting it now, the government knows it, they more than aware of how common the drug is despite being illegal, so I don't know.

    The age of buying cigarettes should not be lowered though. I work at a gas station where we sell cigarettes regularly and I have kids coming in that look like they're 12(they're 18), and they look so vibrant and young and then I see older customers come in, who've spent years smoking and it's such a difference, even had one come in on oxygen to buy cigarettes, it's sad, so no, I don't think kids under 18 should be able to buy cigarettes, yes I know some of them get their hands on it, but, that's less than what it would be if more could buy.

    • I already debated the military and drinking comparison so I'm not gonna debate it for a second time but I only brought up the age for cigarettes simply because in Europe the drinking and cigarette purchasing ages are different but I guess their ages of being legal are also different:0

    • The ongoing attack on tobacco users is one of the most sickening things I have witnessed in my lifetime...

  • Legalize weed, and make cigarettes illegal. Idc about alcohol. No one has EVER dies from weed, but people do die EVERYDAY from the horrible side effects of cigarettes.(I'm pretty sure you know all of them) weed safer than most of the things that are legal

  • The only issue I take with any of these, is when a persons consumption of it can affect another persons health or safety.

    For example - smoking in public places, drink driving, driving whilst high etc

    If people wanna smoke or drink - that's their choice. Just don't let it endanger anyone else not partaking. And that's the big/tricky issue.

    • I am OK with No Smoking in most public places in clduing restaurants..but banning it in ALL bars was WAY over the top and is just about grounds for a revolution...

  • WEED IS BAD! We should burn it. :D

  • Cigarettes should be illegal and weed should be legalized. My belief towards this is because of general health concerns mostly. Now, I know that weed is not 100% safe for the body, obviously, but it is much safer for someone than cigarettes. Heavier drugs should stay illegal. But hey thats my opinion.

  • i persoanlly don't care. people are going to use them anyways, legal or illegal. making them legal will just make the users a bit safer

    but doing drugs isn't something to be proud of

    • Neither is the opposite. At least that's what I think. You can like doing it or not like doing it. Being "proud" of it usually just means you think one side is worse than you.

    • I agree with Snacks