Weed, Alcohol & Cigarettes? Legalize or Keep/Make Illegal?

Weed- Should it be legal or illegal? Why?

Alcohol-Should it be legal or illegal? Why?

Cigarettes-Should it be legal or illegal? Why?

After a debate yesterday not regarding weed but regarding weed, I'm a little iffy on whether it should be illegal or legal, and without offense I think cigarettes are disgusting and alcohol is...Don't kow

On a side note, I do not do marijuana, I do not drink alcohol as I only drink water and sweet tea(occasionally) and I certainly do not smoke cigarettes...

And I'm from America if this matter any(it doesn't)

How do these issues make you feel?

1)Should the drinking age be lowered?

2)Should the age to purchase cigarettes be lowered?

Again, from the US^^^

In my opinion it makes no sense to lower such ages if weed isn't even legalized, but just looking for opinions


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  • I actually believe ALL drugs should be legal, NIOT because I support their use but proabition has never worked and never will. People need to understand that if someone wants something they will get it regardless and the fact that most drugs are ilegal means that there is an open market for them with zero regulations. As it stands now, as long as you have the money, no matter your age, condition or history you could pretty much find a local dealer on the street corner and get whatever drug you liked without question or difficulty. So in fact drugs being ilegal actually results in the opposite effect at making them much more accessible than even the legal ones.

    Plus the fact that all drugs are ilegal means that zero profit is made from them, over 20 billion a year is made globally with all the profits going to criminal organisations, the fact that they are ilegal means your creating a criminal underworld behind it for supply and demand, if it were ilegal they could not even exist, there would just be no place for them. Raising the ilegality of drugs is even worse, all that means is that now since there is a greater risk in selling drugs, criminals are than faced with the problem of having to be much more dangerous in protecting their investments. Take the Cartels in mexico for an example.

    Now in regards to safe drugs that are ilegal such as marijuana for example, the danger of them being ilegal means that your fueling a criminal underworld who also could link you to hard drugs such as cocaine, Many dealers who sell marijuana would try to get you to buy cocaine because they know how addictive it is and need to go back. The approach we shoudl take which we can learn based on other countries, if we look at the dutch policy on marijuana its been a remarkable success, they have managed to seperate drug markets so people who just want weed don't have to go to a dealer who will try to sell them something else, if we take the portugese approach who are the only country to legalise all drugs so far, they have eliminated the criminal drug market because its not possible to make profit there and there has also been a reduction in use ofering instead of a prison sentence to users but a programme to help get them off in that place. They save millions every year and have one of the lowest rates of use throughout the world of any drug.

    Alcohol has already been ilegal once before in the 1920's, people never stopped drinking it, they just began making it in their own bathtubs at home and created a demand. The criminal economies actually rose up from this and this fueled the need to change its legal status to get some form of control. ilegal drugs mean zero control, they aimed to gain control through legalising in the 1933's which since than has proven to be quite a success. Making it ilegal will send us back 80 years and be in the same position as we are with marijuana now.

    In regards to cigurettes, I do believe they should take away the 599 addives from it

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      I don't actually believe any of these things should be made illegal or legal or whatever, it was a simple hypothetical question because at the time I was looking for arguments in the weed debate. Thank you!

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      ok cool, and your welcome