Help! am I not attracted to my own race?

I think the looks (and culture) of men and women of my own race not very attractive. it's almost kinda funny, guys of my own race can do many things but it won't turn me on in the slightest, but just seeing guys of this one race makes me so excited!does anyone feel the same way? why is that? and does it ever pass? :((sorry for calling it "race", it's not meant in an offensive way!. just couldn't find a better word)


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  • I wouldn't neccessarily say I feel the same way, like there is a race I am mostly drawn to but at the same time it would be ignorent of me to say I am just attracted to them based on their race alone. I think there are attractive people in all races and if we get on, than its on! lol. The idea of culture, in regards to societies perspective towards it. It has been moulded into something that is thought to be race specific... anyone can be born into any culture so I don't think you can really relate cultures to races.

    • hmm actually, no I think it's a culture thing. you just made me realize that, congrats! :) I don't care if their white or dark skinned, they just have to have that culture. but yea, darker is still better then white ha ha ;)

    • As an example with myself, I am off Italian descent. The majority of my family have black hair and vary vastly in skin tones, everything from really light to really dark, a few generations back they all moved to brazil so now their culture and mine would be brazilian as shared with all brazilians who live there of all races

    • link Ethinicy relates to anyone who shares a common culture/religion/interests as another person ( link I think what you mean to say is, you have a preference for people with a darker complexion right?

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  • I find other races attractive, but I also find my race attractive as well. Different people find different things attractive. It's all about individual preference. It may or may not pass. I wouldn't say you're crazy, there are tons of questions like these asked on this site daily.

  • What race are you?

  • What's the problem here? Just date guys you're attracted to and like!

    • Why, what race is it that you like?

    • yup that's exactly the problem! I can't move. I have to finish school here. and have to move a looooong way :(

    • Okay, so the problem isn't that you aren't attracted to your own race. The problem is that your attracted to a "rare" race for your area. Maybe move somewhere where's there's more of them?

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  • "sorry for calling it "race", it's not meant in an offensive way!"You know how I know you're white? Because you asked a race question and then immediately started apologizing. Seems to be a trend of that on this site.Anyways, I don't feel the same way, I don't know why it is that you hate men of your race and love men of another one, and it may or may not pass. Sorry, but since I'm unable to read your mind that's the best way I could answer your questions.

    • oops sorry wrong answer

    • oh and I'd put the spanish in the category of hispanic. calling them white sounds kinda weird to me. but yeah you don't have to agree with me lol

    • it's cool thanks :)

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  • Your just going through a faze, there will a guy of your own race that you will be into sometime. it's not a big deal. Message me what race it is because my curiosity is getting the best of me. I won't care if its what I am lol.

    • *sighs* I'm glad you said that. I already thought I'm crazy :S

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  • nothing wrong with it. you're attracted to who you're attracted to.

  • You are crazy for liking other human beings. LoL

    • In all seriousness, we are of different complexions and of course hair textures, eye colours and so forth but we all belong to the same race which is the human race.

    • haha:P i only like them! not my own men. kinda sad, huh? :P