How do I get him to notice me?

There is a guy that I like and we are good friends. I talk to him often. My question is how do I get him to see me as more than just friends? I am a very out going person and ill talk to anyone so being shy is not a problem. The only problem is that I don't see him that often maybe once of twice a week so it makes it difficult. Any suggestions on how to get him to notice me?


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  • You know I'm in a similar predicament with a girl I'm friends with at the moment. I cannot tell if she likes me just as a friend or if she likes me more than a friend. If she gave me more signals that's she likes me id make a move to take it a step further.

    With this guy you are friends with, does he love hanging out with you? Does he often gaze at you and engage in deep convo's with you? Does he pay a bit more attention to you than other girls? Does he change the topic when you mention other guys? If you have answered yes in most of these, the chances are that he also likes you. SO, I do advise that you give him clearer signals that you like him if you want him to make the 1st move. Signals such as treating him different to other guys, gaze into his eyes, flirt, smile a lot at him, don't check out other guys, etc.Im sure he'll then get the hint. IF, you feel confident enough, you could always make the 1st move and tell him you like him.

    I think its great when friends become more. At least you both know each others good and bad points and have already built that bond. The only negative point is that if things don't work out as a couple, it could effect your friendship. So draw up all the points and good luck :)


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  • As far as him noticing you for your looks alone, you've already done that. But do try to look cool when you're with him and wear the clothes you think he likes. But this is the least important. When you ARE with him or are talking with him, start showing more interest in the things HE has going than the things that you do. Your interest in his and his interest in yours will be the clue to how much you like each other. The more you show in HIS the more he'll like being with you and notice you. You do that by asking question about the things he's doing that you're pretty sure are special to him. Leave it up to him to ask about yours. Don't make a big deal out of your questioning. Just include those in your conversation. If you do I can guarantee you that you'll become even better friends than you are right now. Just be alert to the answers he gives you on your little questions and build on them but do more asking than telling.

  • Make more of an effort to see him more.

    but you know guys are blind, so when you do get your moment be SEMI-aggressive.

    I mean body language, conversation.

    DON'T be over the top.Don't say I like.Do things like text him what are you doing? Do you want to hang out? Guys love to hang out!

    So don't be naggy, but let him know you want to be around him.

    That should work.

    Good Luck


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  • I think you have two options:

    First, you can be a huge flirt and drop hints: ask if he's seeing anyone, tell him how cute he is, say how you haven't had a date in a while. Then hope he understands your hints and asks you out.

    Second, you can ask him out yourself. This requires more guts, but it has advantages in that you show some assertiveness, and it resolves the question: if he likes you, he'll probably take you up on the offer; but if he's not interested he'll politely decline.

  • go shoppin or sumat wid him.


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  • Make it a point to see him more often. Plan get togethers with a group, or see if he's interested in grabbing some coffee or dinner (make it seem casual so he doesn't get nervous). Be the same girl he likes to be around, but take a little extra time getting ready.) Guys are visual, so he should pick up on it.