My boyfriend is smoking behind my back!

A few years before I knew him, he used to smoke a lot and then he quit. When we met he didn't smoke and for months he didn't smoke. Well the last... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • Just (calmly) ask him if he does smoke. If so, figure out why he felt the need to hide it from you. He should feel comfortable letting you know such things about himself... He may feel as though you would be turned off by it, knowing that you dislike it, but smoking is something that is very hard to quit. If he does, in fact, smoke, don't blow up on him, tell him you would like it if he would share these things about himself with you, instead of hiding them...let him know how you feel about the whole situation and that you only want what's best for him. If it's difficult for him, just stick by his side. Trying to help him... You can be upset for him omitting this, since like I said, he shouldn't hide things from you... but try not too be hard on him about this...