Boyfriend won't let me look at his new phone?

My boyfriend recently got a new phone. I was hanging out with him one day asking if I could see it. It's not even like I said hey I wanna check through your messages it's just because his phone was brand new and I'm thinking about getting one myself. He let me hold it but when I tried to unlock it to see more than the home screen he grabbed it out of my hands. I was like uh WTF?! And he was like you're not allowed in. I asked him about it a few days later and he just said he didn't want me "running off with it" So I can't "run off with it" while it's locked? I'm really pissed off because now I think he's hiding something. He keeps saying I can hold it but can't look at more than the home screen. A little suspicious?

Oh and just clarifying he always needs to know my passwords to Facebook, hotmail ,etc. He has also looked through my texts a few times without permission so I'm wondering why it's such a big deal even if I did.


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  • maybe he's just overprotective of his new phone


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  • I wouldn't let you near my phone. I'm not even going to say 'no offence'. Its my own f***ing phone, it has nothing to do with you. Most people feel that way. Maybe he wasn't happy with you always going through his old phone, so he's being more careful now.

    • Oh in that case, I dunno. This is bound to happen, considering neither of you have any respect for the other privacy, clearly. Maybe you're perfect for each other, hahahaha.

    • I never even wanted to go through his stuff! I've never looked through his old phone or Facebook. I do know it's his personal business and I'm not trying to be snoopy but when he automatically grabs it out of my hands when he thinks I'm looking through something? It makes me really mad that he "NEEDS" to know all of my passwords but I can't even look at his phone

    • Ah, alright then, the weight of this is clearly on him. If he did that to me I'd probably get violent with him and beat his head off that sharp bit near the car wheel, you know that bit I'm talking about? But I have a very serious mental condition. If I didn't I'd just say 'Blow on out of here, pervert'. I wouldn't hang around someone who would do that.

  • What do you mean 'when you tried to unlock it'?

    • Mobile phones come with a key-locking feature that means you can't access it without unlocking it, so you don't accidentally call people when your sitting down or whatever.

    • Oh I get the 'phone can be locked' part, Jack.

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  • Hon, just change your passwords, lock your phone & don't give him access. No biggy. You don't need in his, he doesn't need in yours. Of course he doesn't want you looking. You shouldn't want him checking on you either.

    • Anyone who keeps their life that secret isn't ready to be in a relationship.

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    • And honestly he is allowed to look at my Facebook and emails if he truly wants to. All he's going to see is spam and work stuff I don't see the big problem.

    • Didn't know you were getting married! Sure you want to do that when things aren't out in the open? I agree when you are at this point, things should be transparent. Dating is one thing, marrying is another. Have a talk. Get it straightened out.

  • Just because he acted that way, I'd be suspicious too. Be careful.. :S

  • Yea I truly wouldn't trust it... I mean you are his girl who cares if you wanna look through the phone but then again I guess it depends how long you two have been together if you guys are new into the relationship I wouldn't make a biggy out of it.. I'd ask him to let you seen it again and if he refuses then there's obviously a reason...

    • We've been together since before High school. It's definitely a serious relationship.

  • dont give him your pw unless he gives you the same to him with your phone and let him have a taste of it