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Military contract marriages.

How often do contract marriages in the military end up lasting?

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  • not long at all when he comes back they they tend to split

    • So most couples divorce after he gets home?

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  • isn't it illegal? It lasts as long as you want it to. legally its a marriage like any other. But keep in mind that if anything happens to him you're the one whos responsible for taking care of him

    • No, I'm not getting into a contract marriage. My ex and I broke up because he was leaving to the border then Afghanistan. He asked me to marry him, but I turned him down. Told him that it was to soon and I didn't want to get married in a hurry just because he was leaving, but I would still be here for him. I didn't even know what a contract marriage was. Shortly after he left, I found out from his grandma that he got married. She said it's a contract marriage. I'm just a little heartbroken.

    • well obviously he doesn't lover her then. Contract marriage is a federal offense, but a soldiers salary often doubles when he's deployed and married. And she gets health benfits.I'm sorry to hear that though, wish you all the best

    • Hopefully. We were great friends and lived together for about a year before he enlisted into the Nat. Guard. We were really only together for about a month. After this, I don't want to be with him, I just don't want him to be married. Lol

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