When a guy gives a girl a key to his place, what does that really mean?

He pretty much said, "here you go now don't loose it "and continue what he was doing

Update: he even gave me the code for his credit card, and thanks me anytime I tidy up,actions speak louder than words so according to all my answers, I am in a serious relationship, lol


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  • That's usually a pretty serious step in the relationship... he's giving you free reign to come and go as you please.

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      I agree with this.

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      Since you have a roommate, I'd guess he doesn't want a key, I wouldn't think he'd want a key to your place regardless, I was just curious about the hesitation.

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      Yeah there's no need to give him a key since you have a roommate. He definitely is thinking of this as a very serious relationship tho and you should think about whether you would be ready to actually move in with him within the next year.