Why do young girls smoke?

So I work in a convenience store right now, and obviously we sell cigarettes... and alooot of cute young girls (19-21) come buy smokes all the time, and it's really sad .. -_-

WHY !? do they not want their good looks or what?

How do you think they would react if I told them they're too cute to smoke? lol


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  • I'm not a smoker, but if someone told me I was too cute to smoke, I would think it was condescending as hell. I'd actually probably say, "hmm, make it two packs then." But maybe that's just me.

    Anyway, they smoke for the same reason anyone else does.

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  • Some people smoke to deal with stress or because they grew up watching their parents do it.

  • Peer pressure, and they think it makes them look good >.> It doe the opposite though, in my opinion :S

  • Young girls & guys. I know! It's just stupid.

    • I agree, why someone would do that knowing the risks! It should be made illegal, at long last. I don't know why they haven't revoked it yet.

  • It is addictive and some people can't help it. I saw a lady yesterday who is overly tan and smoke. She looks so old but she is nice. It was sad. Sometime, it is not of your opinion or advice. Sad to watch. People have to want to change themselves. I tried to help my brother quit and it didn't work. He has to be willing himself.

  • Don't do it. It's not your place.

    I would be offended and find it rude.

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  • 19-21! The other day two 13 year old girls were asking me to go into a shop and buy them some.

    I think it starts of as something they do to copy a freind that does it because they think it makes them look "cool" and rebels but than it becomes something they end up depending on and have no choice but to carry on buying to fuel their addicition

  • They think it's cool and they're stupid. They think it makes them look sophisticated and older. And they're stupid.

    I don't buy that it's for keeping warm either, where I live anyway. I live in Tucson, AZ and it's been 105 F + the last few days and there's still idiots of all ages walking around smoking.

    • :/ its a shame really some of these girls are very cute

  • cuz people like smoking... pretty simple if they like it they do it, just like anybody else does

    • Its a sin how people can get away with being so bigoted in regards to smoking.

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    • yes it would be and I wouldn't give a sh*t lol

    • lol =P

  • They normally think it makes them look cool, or they are rebelling and want to do something that they are not suppose to do. If you told them they are too cute to smoke eventually one of them would get upset and you would get in trouble.

    • Also I have know several people that started smoking because smokers get to take extra smoke breaks at work.

  • I really don't understand this either, I remember in college I had a little crush on this one girl. Like a few days later I saw her smoking, from then on I just lost all attraction to her, now I have 0 attraction to her, it's crazy that they don't know how it affects their attraction. It smells bad, costs a tonne of money, gives you cancer and makes everyone around you smell, I mean why do people even do it? I know people say it's just for kicks, but where do you draw the line between a good time and being a total sucker! The bad breath too, YIKES watch out for that one fellas

    • exactly man it pretty much instantly kills any attraction for me

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    • They're appealing to me, but I might have an oral fixation or something.

      I ALWAYS wanted a smoke job... lol.

    • eww smoke on your d***? lol

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