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What Intrigues You in Life?

What is it in life that intrigues you so far? Is it always changing or stays relatively the same?

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  • politics, people, places, buildings, history, perspectives, philosophy, astronomy, biology, chemistry, computers, mechanics, and architecture :D

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  • This world. Why we are here and why certain things happen.

  • Things that you can't understand. The way how people act.

  • People in general. How bad people seem to get away with sh*t & lead happy lives. Good people get crapped on & struggle. Prayer intrigues me. How you can pray & pray, but God does whatever He wants, so does it matter? I think we pray for the wrong stuff. Very intriguing. Life in general...Hmm...Most importantly, why does my dog have a better life than I do? Hmm...

    • It does seem like that good suffer and the bad prosper the majority of the time. Why is that? Is it the only way?

  • People intrigue me, as well as life itself.As for topics/interests: psychology, criminology, photography, philosophy, creative and professional writing, and other miscellaneous things.

  • Everything intrigues me that's my problem. I like everything. I just want to live life to the fullest and experience everything!

    • Likewise but have you ever gotten in trouble for wanting to know everything in the universe? How far have you gotten?

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    • Ahh okay. Well, I am very private person, but I'll let you know a few things. Things I've Learned:-Not to be so hard on myself-Don't let the idea of death stop you from living-Dream, if you work hard anything can be a reality-Breathe, cause one day you won't-Love, cause it's beautiful & brave-Smile even if you are hurting; it sets a good example-Talk, people are not mind readers-Work on your fears, so nothing holds you back

    • What I want to know about the world:-Why won't people hurt each other?-Why won't people be brave for one another?-Why don't people stand up for what they believe in?-Why won't they face their fears?-What makes people believe in what they believe in?-Why do people think they are open minded and yet they think they have all the answers?-What makes people think they are better than the animals, when we can learn so much from them?-Why do people make things complicated?

  • people. people are never who you think they are. I love it. :)

    • Are they usually good or bad?

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    • Ic, "people are never who they think they are" - I misread it. I like these statements. I believe I'll ask both in my next questions.

    • go ahead. :)

  • people intrigue me. there's no figuring them out

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  • Sexy ladies! Yeaaahhhhh link

  • Anything that truly catches my eye intrigues me. Once I'm interested, a passion inside me is ignited that burn in a raging inferno. I delve into the mysteries that shroud whatever captures my focus until I understand it completely. It might be an idea that is scientific, political, philosophical, economical or how an object work, or a book read, or a person understood.