I dropped my phone in water. Screen won't work. Hope?

I dropped my phone in some water. I let it dry for bout 24 hours but now the screen will not respond to touch at all. Is there any hope?

It works. Like I already used it to call some people but the touch screen has now stopped working completely so I can't' even unlock the phone. Any hope for that?
I'm gonna give it an alcohol bath since it was dropped in p*ss and then just wait a few days. Parents are sending my old phone.
My phone is alive and well these days. It has made a full recovery. Thanks for your concern


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  • For future reference, take out the battery immediately once you discover that the phone dropped in water (do iPhones even let you do that? idk).

    Let it dry for at least 3 days. Take it apart as much as possible and keep it in a dry, warm environment.

    From the sound of things, your current phone is done. The circuits already fried.

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      But I have already made a few phone calls on it. It's just the screen.

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      Then the screen is fried. It won't magically fix especially when you ignore advice and keep trying to use the dam thing.

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      I don't! I haven't used it since I asked this question..