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Do white guys like black girls?

If so, what is it you like about us? If not, what is it you don't like about us? I asked this because it seems like you see more of Black guys with... Show More

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  • So here's my 2 cents to the ladies. Every white guy is different. I think a lot of white guys actually do find black girls attractive. The most difficult part of making the relationship work is crossing the cultural barriers smoothly and not letting the little things get you down. Plus, a lot of guys may be intimidated by approaching black women.. for myself, when I was around 22 I distinctly remember going into a club in seattle that was all black, except me and my friends. My friends were all worried we'd get our asses kicked and wanted to leave asap, but I insisted on stiff drinks and sticking around. I pulled my cap sideways, lifted a cuff to my elbow, and danced and smiled/laughed while hanging out. By midnight, I had three of the prettiest black girts hanging out with me chatting it up... I will never forget how beautiful and sweet they were. In my experience, as long as you don't have any inhibitions to hide and you are forward (duh, that goes for women of any color,) you won't be disappointed.

    I've been close to marriage twice in my life before. I'm a 6' tall shaved head white guy, in good shape. One was with a persian girl, and another a jewish girl. Personally, I have found that being with the particular black girl I'm with now is great. I think she is the most trustworthy and caring of all the women I've been with. She also isn't into the mind games, which I abhor, like the previous two. She does hit my pocketbook pretty hard though!

    I like black girls booties, smiles, walk, lips, and long black hair. When the girl has the booty and breasts, she's pretty unstoppable in my book.

    Oh yeah, and I also think about how crappy my skin is in the sun.. sunburn almost instantly. if I have babies with a black girl, maybe they won't have to slather on so much damn sunscreen!

    • Lol!

    • Awwww! Lol! You're such a cutie!

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  • I'm sure that some, or many do

  • I adore black women, and though I can't identify a specific reason, none of them would involve hips, lips, butts, etc. For me, it's the overall package. But think about it. If someone were to ask you why you prefer whatever your favorite ice cream is, over all others, what could you possibly say to account for this preference?

  • I'm a white guy, and I wouldn't think of dating anyone other than a black woman. Why? I couldn't tell ya. I dated a black woman for the first time 10 years ago, and my outlook on women has not been the same since. God made black women first, and made the rest outta what was left over.

    • Lol! never heard of that one. You sure do love you a sister.

    • That last couple of sentences was hilarious

  • Hey hey, what about Hispanic guys? Well honestly, I never got to have a relationship with one, just kissed a few. I think their really sweet and I found myself really attracted to one in college. But she was going to study abroad so I never got the chance. But your right, it's rare to see a white man and a black girl.

    • Yea. Its mostly behind doors. I just think most are just not attracted to us.

  • I'm attracted to black women and I don't just keep it behind doors, when I'm with a black girl (or any girl) we go everywhere together

    BTW you look ridiculously hot... how You doin' ? :P

  • Oh God yes! I am as white as it gets. Irish/Russian and I have a DEEP love for ebony mommas. Why? Three reasons:

    1. First of all, it's that ass. Thick and juicy, mmmmm nice.

    2. A black woman is so much "more comfortable in her skin"; most white chicks have a stick up their butt about everything, especially, being respect. Most black ladies LOVE to be respected, to be treated like a lady. White chicks start reading you the riot act when you try to by them drinks/dinner; they get all Susan B. Anthony on you.

    3. (Most) Black chicks are just SOOOO much better in bed, by a long shot! Most white babes I've had can't give a solid BJ. Well, without being too crass, the best ones I've ever had were at the hands of really horny, black chicks.

    • Lol Susan B anthony.

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    • It sounds like you like black women more for sexual reasons. We are more than just sex!

    • We are mostly more liked for our bodies. It doesn't surprise me that he said that.

  • One of my close friends is black. However, she was raised in england so she had the British accent. When we were in college, I couldn't believe the number of white guys after her. I think she is in attractive girl with an incredible body, but on top of it, I think her accent seduced many men. On top of that, she was incredibly smart (4.0 gpa in university), with a very sociable personality. She had so many white men after her that as she told me, she stopped dating black guys because they treated her like a 'ho'.

    Now, I've been with a couple of black girls and one thing that is just a total turn off is to see the white crumbs of the deodorant on their armpits. I think they do sell the transparent type nowadays, and I don't know why they don't use those. Another thing I don't particularly like, is when they talk really 'ghetto'---not very attractive. On the positive side--the sex with black girls was as they say, out of this world.

    • Not all black girls talk Ghetto but, yes, most do but just know that because a person has a certain skin color doesn't mean they act the way the majority of there race acts. Thats call Stereotyping. There is no such thing as talking Black .

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    • Yeah....I'm black and people are AMAZED when they see that I don't talk "ghetto". :/

      And I'm not the black girl who if you're not looking at her you think she's a little blond white girl, I talk with flava, TRUST me, you can tell I'm black....but I don't feel the need to talk in street slang.

    • Does it even matter? I'm so tired of people surprised that a blk person can talk intelligent and then say its white like white is right and blck is wrong. its all about where your from. yes, most blk ppl's dialect talk slang because most grew up poor in the hood but people who aren't ignorant know that some blk people aren't from the hood and can be educated speaking. it does not mean we are talkin white. were just talking right. Most white people talk right because most have had better opportunities and life.

  • Sorry. I am not attracted to them.

  • A lot of white guys are very attracted to black girls I think you would be surprised how many white guys think black girls are hot and I'm one of them. One thing that white guys like about black girls is there fat asses and thighs we think that is very hot. We also like the fact that black girls have big lips. Other thing is white guys go out with a lot of white girls in there lives and not black girls and they are like this hole other area in dating that white guys have not explored and so that makes black girls even more attractive to white guys. Not because are parents tell us not to they actually tells to date different races of girls. . And I know this because I am white. The one thing that white guys are afraid of even though we know it is not real we get the idea that black girls are ghetto and gangster so that kind of scares us away from talking to black girls or trying to date them I know that sounds really bad and I am not a raciest I'm just telling you the truth plus some black girls also play the hard to get game witch a lot of white guys don't like to play if they do not get a few clear signal that the girl is attracted to that guy. I hope this helps!

    • Man, the part about the physical attraction is fine, The part about a whole other area of dating not explored is worrisome. It makes you sound like a tourist. And the ghetto thing, maybe that's where you're from, but I'm Canadian and from the suburbs! There is no ghetto in this girl! ;)

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    • I think that white guys think black girls may be ghetto because of how television and media has portrayed us. The white guys that are more worldly seem to already know that this is not true, and not afraid to approach a black woman. I have noticed that when a black man approaches a white women he is more direct and forward. I think white guys just need to be more confident and a little more direct when expressing interest in a black woman. Just keep it classy, and not trashy.

    • Yep. We are not all ghetto and from the hood but most of us are and yes if you been sheltered your whole life and don't get out much then all you see is all you know.

  • Personally, I have found some black ladies very very attractive and I would love to date a cool lady. But there aren't many where I live.

  • Girl white men love black women, its look has if black women don't want to go out with a white man because of wot the black people around you would say. If I'm wrong plz tell me !

    you're a black girl right ?

    • Yup, you're wrong. Or just meeting all the wrong girls.

    • Not all girls but most of them, must be meeting some of the wrong ones then because its bigger then you think believe me. Anyway black girls/women are crazy sexy and I get my fair share. Anyway your u.s I'm uk so its going to be different. But more and more are seening the light lol and for the most part your beautiful !!!

    • That is not true at all. Black women are very strong, and very smart. They outnumber the black men in college. I like white men, however they are not very forward with approaching me and expressing interest. They will look at me, but don't do anything after this. I am usually the one being more forward. As soon as I let the white guy know that I am interested, it usually leads to him being more confident and not afraid to say that he is interested too.

  • You talk as though it's a universal like or dislike thing. It depends on the girl and the guy. It depends. I personally don't think more or less of girls just because they're black. I look in them for what I look for in white girls, I've never found the same thing. But then again, I'm insane and might have already found someone I can live with forever. =]

  • I love black girls... I'm not sure really what it is... I'm just attracted to them... I wish I could find a down to earth black girl to settle down with.. Maybe it is because they are different.. THere a lot of sweet black girls out there.. And they seem to be so much more real than white girls..

  • Men like women for one or both of two things; looks, personality. Black women 'tend' to be more aggresive and vocal, less restrained. While I personally love this, too a point, many white guys who grew up around quieter, more demure households are uncomfortable. Physically, most of us have always loved the traditional black girl features. With whites being the largest ethnic group in America we have a huge influence on what is popularized and J. Lo, Beyonce, etc. are so admired for their 'assets' by us. Black women with the softer facial features are the epitome of beauty; i.e., Halle Berry, Rhianna, Angela Bassett, Kelly Rowland, etc. Believe me, we are attracted to you, some guys are just unsure of how to approach you. The more you experience the more guys like me you will find. Good luck and my email is rwildman23@yahoo.com or check me out on Facebook and holla at me if you want.

    • I know most black women seem headstrong and have attitudes but there are some that aren't so uptight and quiet and easy going. It has to do with where you met us ir our enviroment. Most black women or blacks grew up in the ghetto a lot of poverty and poorness, unhappiness, and crimes, bf's or husbands always in and out of jail leaving a lot of black women with their kids alone to raise them by herself = A lot of stress so that's why a lot of black women are the way they are. Its where they grew up

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    • I agree 100% that environment is the key to a persons development and yes it is unfortunate that women such as yourself fall prey to an unfortunate stereotype. I have dated women of all ethnicities and while I love the 'Barbies' too, it is women of color (Black, hispanic, asian, etc.) to whom I am really attracted. Also, be leery of what you ask for; some guys will only want to date you because you are black. That isn't very open minded, either.

    • True. I guess its just something different.

  • I personally have a very close romantic (and sometimes sexual) relationship with this one black girl I know. What attracts me to her isn't that she's black but because she's just so relaxed and easygoing. It's easy to talk to someone like that sometimes (though sometimes it can be a huge pain in the ass).

    That having been said, I'm still somewhat attracted to her skin color. It's just such a beautiful shade of dark brown. I guess to sum it up, it's a mix of personality attraction and physical/sexual attraction. Pretty much the same as with any other type of relationship, interracial or not.

  • Black girls are appealing to white guys personally I am as long as they take care of themselves. Not to be racist but it seems to me the majority of black girls don't take care of themselves which obviously makes them less attractive. and a lot of it is behind doors. Also a lot of black guys like white girls because they have a slutty look to them hence easy piece of ass.

    • OMG! Are you for real!? :/

    • What black girls do you hang out with? And, what part of the country are you from? My friends take very good care of themselves. Your comment sounds strange to me because it is such a general statement. Are you saying you never saw a white girl that did not take care of herself?

  • I love black women, though I've only dated one. The stereotyped image is horrible though, and I think that is where some resistance is met. Hopefully you want honest answers, you are exotic and forbidden to some degree, even now. You have to remember the generation that raised us now were either hippies or baby boomers so the flow of exception is a wide swath. The lady I dated was a black woman from the UK and she was lovely and exceptional, but went back after school. I still keep in touch now and then, we've even had this conversation a few times. She was fascinated by it, because in the UK it is a non-issue.

  • I personally find black women to be extremely beautiful. I love your curves, your sexy dark skin, and your attitude. I also love the contrast of our skin together. May not be the answer you were looking for but honest. Also you are the best in bed from my experience.

  • I think all women are beautiful. Without women the human race would die off.

    I think black girls are very pretty and have dated some in my life. As a white man I just find them harder to approach. They seem to be a bit offish, and it makes me, a bit uncomfortable. I lived for some 60 years and in my lifetime I have only been approached by a Black woman 3 times that's saying something since I date Black women. Once you get to really know a Black women you'll find that they are friendly and most have a good sense of humor. Almost all of them love to dance and sing along with their music. One thing I would like to warn you guys about. Black women are really no different from other race women, in respect to all having there own little hang ups. I have been with black women who had sexual hang ups, and I have had the same with white and Latin women. The bottom line is they all are unique in there own right.

  • I think Black girls are the most beautiful and attractive women of all. They are a combination of strength, sensitivity, courage, humility , resilience and good looks that just kick butt!

  • Well I as a white guy find black women exotic and beautiful. I am really attracted to black women. But I am also a very shy guy and get very intimidated when I see a black woman I am interested in. So I have only dated 1 half black girl years ago and it did not work out due to distance.

    • Don't be so shy. Life is about taking chances and risk.

  • "Like a living sculpture of fluid ebony, she moved across the room, her gaze daring mortal fools to risk abashment. This panther, she would consume me, and shed not a tear..."

    These are my words, but I cannot explain the emotion beneath them.

    I have no clear answer for you. I apologize. I love all dark women, black or otherwise. Growing up near Detroit, mixed couples were not so strange. I dated all shapes, sizes and tones of women. I've had relationships with 3 black women, 1 mixed and eventually married a dark-skinned Thai girl. I guess you could say I like women of the darker tones, but as to why, I have no clue. Many a time I've pushed aside blond-haired, blue-eyed women I'm sure broke the hearts of many men, just to steal a glance of a dark goddess.

  • Most white guys do not like black girls, generally speaking as far as dating goes. I believe the big reason why you see so many white girls dating black guys is for three reasons. First, black women have gotten tired of black men's bull sh*t, so the black man is desperate for something...anything. Second, there is an over-population of white women to white men. White women are human too! Everyone wants affection. White women constantly hear from Black men, Once you go black, you never go back. I reality however, the saying goes Once you go black, you never get to go back. After all, what decent white guy wants to have a white girl who has been sleeping with black men? White guys are looking for their future Mothers of their children. Do you really feel that a white man wants a black weenie in his woman? Now getting back to your direct question, Third, the white guy would prefer a white woman is not out of personal self respect, then respect for the children that would be spawned out of that relationship.

    • Are you racist? What matters what color goes in any woman? And to call it black thing like its soem kind of animal. What's wrong with you? Don't answer my question was racist remarks hon. not cool. We are all human, differemt shades and cultures but are people. I just think your mad that your women like our men better. Your hatin seriously.

  • I don't like black girls, I love black girls cuz they are fun, cool, gorgeous and sensitive. I will say I love black girls than white girls.

  • I really like this one black girl because she is soooo sweet, she smiles a lot, and has a beautiful figure. She also seems very in to me as well... Im gonna go for it though because i know i would fall in love with her rather quickly.

  • See it all depends for me. I like well educated black girls who speak properly. I saw a gorgeous black girl last weekend at a party, upon walking in the girl said- "who is you". I was instantly turned off. There are a very select few gorgeous black girls. I'm talking- Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Stacey Dash, Vanessa Williams (not Serena or Venus, ew). One of my best friends is female, and black, and she's tiny. Doesn't have big hips or lips or boobs, etc. I don't stereotype. Just be yourself and someone will like you for you.

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  • Since your a 1 xper im guessing that you haven't been on here long

  • I agree that most of the time it is stereotypes. Most black girls are distinguished as being thick-butt/hips and those physical appearences tends to be the reason why non-black guys want to date black girls. Back in the day, black women were seen as being very sexual creatures whose purpose were seen as just sexual. Those stereotypes started during slavery. White women were seen as being pure. So white masters would rape and have relations with black women because they were seen in that way. That was just an fyi-just think its interesting sterotyped that developed. The same way a guy says he loves black girls because of their physical attributes can be use against us. So you win some you lose some.

    But some guys are first attracted to a girl because of their physical appearance. It is true that as a race we are built differently and most of us are proportioned a similar way and have some of those attributes. But I think that some guys are geninue and can't help with what they like. But it's just the ones who only see a black girl for her attributes instead of her personality and other reasons. Everybody has different preferences. Personally, I'm mostly attracted to black guys and I like them dark skinned. We even have stereotypes within our own race too. But it would be nice if a non-black guy didn't characterized us strictly by our appearances. But you can't get rid of stereotypes.

    • Stop and ponder for a minute. You say, "it would be nice if non-black guys didn't characterize us by our appearances", however, just prior to this you said, Personally, I'm most attracted to black guys and I like them DARK SKINNED"

      I find black women to be the most beautiful and desirable of any on earth. Believe me, I'm on your side, but cut us white guys a little slack, as preferences are difficult things to define from a motivational standpoint.

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    • Some of what you might see a stereotypes, I see as examples of microevolution. I've dated at length several black women, and interestingly (for me anyway), I'm now engaged to a black woman from West Africa. African Americans are no different than Italian Americans, or Irish Americans, in that they exhibit qualities peculiar to their cultural lineage. So what some see as "stereotypes", I see as something far more benign. It's all good.

    • Oh, by the way. I prefer (for whatever reason) very dark-skinned women more than any other.

  • i think it's just all behind closed doors but hunnie you're gorgeous. why worry about white guys and black girls? if a white guy won't date you then it sucks to be him and he's a dumbass. if a black leaves you for a white girl, I'd call up jenna jameson and tell her to step up her game because some bitch has mad crazy skills and could f*** her career;)

  • My best friend is black and she has been dating a white guy for 4 years. they live together and have a baby too.

  • gal,

    i think that yes they do! but their undercover and alittle scared of us. Plus their signs of showing you that they like you are different, so a lot of us just don't see that their liking you.

    I think that to them its the unknown that they like, the mistry behind the dark eyes plus the idea of a strong woman in a elegant way. Black guys teld to have the thinking of "even tho she's hot what do I have to loss by trying" and if the girl she no thanks they brush their shoudlers off and you'll see them chatting to another girl in mintues, but from what I see is that a white guy (well most) ain't so much like that.

    The white guys that have try it with me tend to be guys that I've been looking at and they seem be close to 80% that I like them or guys that was my friend and I've touched or smiled with them alittle more than I was meant too.

    On the fact that you pointed out, I think it lies on the black women. I think black guys tend to like white women more than black women like white men. why? now that I think is the true question? I think black women are picker in finding a white guy more than a black guy. but why?

  • Well I'm a black girl and I get more attention from white boys than I do blacks. I guess I'm attractive but my parents make a lot of money so I'm not really ghetto. so a lot of black guys assume I wouldn't like them and white guys go for me more.

    I also try to stay in shape and eat right. not because I want to be *skinny* but b/c the thick, bootylicious look doesn't really work for me so I gotta stay tight! I said this b/c I noticed white guys are more into thinner girls than black guys so that has a lot to do w/ it too.

    It depends on how the girl looks, I think. it's a little stereotypical but if you look more "juicy couture" than "house of dereon" white guys will probably think you're more likely to date them. also the negative stereotypes of black females in the media play a huge part in how we're viewed.

    • Sup wanna be friends....lol

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