Do white guys like black girls?

If so, what is it you like about us? If not, what is it you don't like about us? I asked this because it seems like you see more of Black guys with white girls than you see a white guy with a black girl. Is it just behind doors? Or are we just not appealing to white guys at all?


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  • So here's my 2 cents to the ladies. Every white guy is different. I think a lot of white guys actually do find black girls attractive. The most difficult part of making the relationship work is crossing the cultural barriers smoothly and not letting the little things get you down. Plus, a lot of guys may be intimidated by approaching black women.. for myself, when I was around 22 I distinctly remember going into a club in seattle that was all black, except me and my friends. My friends were all worried we'd get our asses kicked and wanted to leave asap, but I insisted on stiff drinks and sticking around. I pulled my cap sideways, lifted a cuff to my elbow, and danced and smiled/laughed while hanging out. By midnight, I had three of the prettiest black girts hanging out with me chatting it up... I will never forget how beautiful and sweet they were. In my experience, as long as you don't have any inhibitions to hide and you are forward (duh, that goes for women of any color,) you won't be disappointed.

    I've been close to marriage twice in my life before. I'm a 6' tall shaved head white guy, in good shape. One was with a persian girl, and another a jewish girl. Personally, I have found that being with the particular black girl I'm with now is great. I think she is the most trustworthy and caring of all the women I've been with. She also isn't into the mind games, which I abhor, like the previous two. She does hit my pocketbook pretty hard though!

    I like black girls booties, smiles, walk, lips, and long black hair. When the girl has the booty and breasts, she's pretty unstoppable in my book.

    Oh yeah, and I also think about how crappy my skin is in the sun.. sunburn almost instantly. if I have babies with a black girl, maybe they won't have to slather on so much damn sunscreen!

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      Awwww! Lol! You're such a cutie!