What are the advantages and disadvantages of weed?

Question is above!

I am not trying to convince you to smoke or convince you to not smoke.

If you smoke - great

If you Don't smoke then great.


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  • Advantages :

    -It's the most versatile medicine available. It's rarely a cure, but it can manage hundreds of symptoms.

    -It's more effective at fighting of tumors than chemotherapy or radiation.

    -It's the safest choice for recreational drug use. It cannot cause an overdose, nor a physical addiction. Sobering up is easier to do with weed than other substances.

    -It opens up the mind and makes you see things in a whole new perspective.

    Disadvantages :

    -Despite not being physically addictive, people can create a psychological dependence on weed. Which can lead to a negative spiral down until someone has an empty life.

    -Abuse at a young age can cause permanent damage, especially for those who have a predisposition for schizophrenia. Abuse at a later age can cause temporary changes in brainfunctions while still using even though sober at the moment. This however completely disappears after a week - 2 weeks of soberness. Then all brain functions get restored to normal.

    There is no damage, marijuana does not kill brain cells.

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      Not only the most versatile medicine, but also the safest. The most dangerous drugs are legal pharmaceuticals like anti-depressants and heavy painkillers.

      Oh yes and it's illegal, biggest downside.

      Why the downvote? I've shared nothing but facts.

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      Also I shouldn't forget to mention that the only reason weed acts like a gateway drug is because it's illegal.