What are the advantages and disadvantages of weed?

Question is above!

I am not trying to convince you to smoke or convince you to not smoke.

If you smoke - great

If you Don't smoke then great.


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  • Advantages :

    -It's the most versatile medicine available. It's rarely a cure, but it can manage hundreds of symptoms.

    -It's more effective at fighting of tumors than chemotherapy or radiation.

    -It's the safest choice for recreational drug use. It cannot cause an overdose, nor a physical addiction. Sobering up is easier to do with weed than other substances.

    -It opens up the mind and makes you see things in a whole new perspective.

    Disadvantages :

    -Despite not being physically addictive, people can create a psychological dependence on weed. Which can lead to a negative spiral down until someone has an empty life.

    -Abuse at a young age can cause permanent damage, especially for those who have a predisposition for schizophrenia. Abuse at a later age can cause temporary changes in brainfunctions while still using even though sober at the moment. This however completely disappears after a week - 2 weeks of soberness. Then all brain functions get restored to normal.

    There is no damage, marijuana does not kill brain cells.

    • Not only the most versatile medicine, but also the safest. The most dangerous drugs are legal pharmaceuticals like anti-depressants and heavy painkillers.

      Oh yes and it's illegal, biggest downside.

      Why the downvote? I've shared nothing but facts.

    • Also I shouldn't forget to mention that the only reason weed acts like a gateway drug is because it's illegal.

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  • Advantages..you look cool to stupid people. You can have sex with girls easily if they're high.

    Disadvantages..you disconnect from friends and family, damage your lungs first and then your brain.

    • If you have an adult brain when you start smoking there is no permanent brain damage. Using it in edibles or in a vaporizer also means no lung damage.

  • The disadvantages is that there is no advantages smoking this stuff, your always going to end up a paranoid 30 year old with no job and no self esteem, because weed kills all that, if you don't believe this, then smoke it for a few years, by then its to late to reverse the effect but at least you will have proof that this is what it does to you right, simple.

  • Like what Blaxican said, drugs like weed, cocaine, meth just trigger chemicals in your brain to put you into a mind set. Weed relaxes you and its good but not for me.

    I'm a guy who likes to be in control of his body 24/7, that's why I rarely get drunk or do drugs, it slightly makes things a bit harder to control.

    Advantage - Your able to relax, unwind, let things go easily over if you were sober.

    Disadvantage- Too much of anything can't be good for you/or is an obsession/addiction.

  • It really depends on the person. For example the munchies would be a benefit to skinny or anorexic people, but not for someone overweight (that is if they choose to eat, it's under their control).

    When I used to smoke I enjoyed small amounts. It was mood lifting, anti depressant, creativity inspiring, motivated me to finish boring tasks, stimulated apatite, enjoyed life more even thought my life was already good. The only negatives was I sometimes got anxiety, but I've had that all my life. It helps some peoples anxiety.

    Some of these people saying there are none are just uneducated and gullible to propaganda. It has more medicinal uses than almost any other drug on the planet and is non toxic. Sure it's not good for some people, but that's not everyone. Marijuana doesn't make you a loser, being a loser makes you a loser.

    Abovetheignorance: link

    HUGE List of scientific and clinical studies: link

    Unbiased advantages and disadvantages from Erowid:


    - mood lift, euphoria

    - increased giggling and laughing

    - relaxation, stress reduction

    - creative, philosophical, abstract, or deep thinking : ideas flow more easily

    - increased appreciation or awareness of music; deeper connection to music; increased emotional impact of music

    - increased awareness of senses (eating, drinking, smell)

    - change in experience of muscle fatigue; pleasant body feel; increase in body/mind connection

    - pain relief (headaches, cramps)

    - reduced nausea, increased appetite (used medically for this)

    - boring tasks or entertainment can become more interesting or funny


    - nausea, especially in combination with alcohol, some pharmaceuticals, or other psychoactives (But usually used to treat nausea such as in cancer patients)

    - coughing, asthma, upper respiratory problems (But THC relieves asthma)

    - difficulty with short-term memory during effects and during periods of frequent use

    - racing heart, agitation, feeling tense

    - mild to severe anxiety

    - panic attacks in sensitive users or with very high doses (oral use increases risk of getting too much)

    - headaches (But usually relieves headaches)

    - dizziness, confusion

    - lightheadedness or fainting (in cases of lowered blood pressure)

    - paranoid & anxious thoughts more frequent

    - possible psychological dependence on cannabis

    - clumsiness, loss of coordination at high doses

    - can precipitate or exacerbate latent or existing mental disorders (also used to treat some, like anxiety)

  • Well I have done it a couple of times and I will probably do it again...


    - It relaxes you

    - Its a psychadelic drug, so you are going to feel like you are flying and see funny stuff and what not

    - Everything seems so much more funny and awesome.

    - You do stupid and funny stuff at the same time, that after a while you are like wtf!


    - It is very harmful to your brain

    - Although it is not as addictive as cigarretes or alcohol, every person that I know who does it, or starts doing it, does it regularly.

    -Weed impairs yoru judgement quiet a lot, so you better not drive when you are high...trust me I know.

    - A huge case of the munchies...one day that I did it I ate 4 burgers that same night at the same time.

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  • I don't smoke but everyone in my circle of friends does.

    It relaxes you and makes you more laidback, which is good sometimes.. but not all the time.

    I've found that people tend to get dependent on it as a socializing mechanism.. like they feel awkward if they're hanging out with friends without smoking. That can happen with any social drug though.

    I guess the main good thing about weed that I've seen is that it relaxes you. And of course it has medicinal properties, which can't be said of many other recreational drugs.

    But I don't really like the way people act on it. They don't really pay attention when you're talking to them, or they forget what you just said, they laugh at dumb things. I tried it once and I didn't like how slow it made me feel. Not my drug of choice. But not the worst drug out there I guess.

  • It's fun, great for inspiration if you've got writer's block, a great way to bond with friends, it doesn't kill braincells, it's a decent painkiller, good at relieving stress, you can't OD on it, etc

    Cons? Umm, well I guess some people can get dependant on it. Oh, and make sure you stack your fridge full of low-fat food before doing it. :B

  • I smoked for 3yrs and I'm glad I stopped. Got really boring.

    Advantages: really I was just relaxed.

    Disadvantages: I was lazy and tired alot. Never really did much of anything when I was blazed.

    And also, the high wasn't low enough if you can understand what I mean. I moved to dope after awhile. I honestly don't believe I had got strung out on heroin because of pot but I think it had a small part in it. Just knowing I could alter my feeling through pot and reach a better feeling through heroin.

    • And FYI I've been sober for 2 years.

  • I don't smoke, but neutrally speaking here:

    advantages: lower inhibitions, easy friends, giggly/fun behavior/memories, potential hallucinations, easy weight gain if you're underweight, generally good times

    disadvantages: lowered awareness, potential addiction/lung cancer (this CAN happen from weed by the way I'm not just saying those things), really strong smell easily recognizeable to cops, potential career interference (companies can drug test you, even like sesame place drug tests), potential arrest/rehab.

    not saying either way is better, it's your choice.

  • I only tried in once. I think it smells bad.

    Advantages: Makes you relax

    Disadvantages: You can't drive until you level down

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