Which race of men do most women prefer?

i my self I am black and I find white girls extremely hot. say your race and the race to which you more attractive to

do I have to specify that this question is just for ladies?


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  • Ethnically speaking I'm Indian, and I have no preference. It doesn't really factor into how attractive I find someone. I've found guys of all different colors and facial features to be attractive.

  • White guys.

  • I'm white, and I'm attracted to white and black men, though that's about it.

  • well...im clearly black lol...n I'm mostly attracted to black men, but I'm open to other races

  • ALL races.

  • I'm attracted to white guys. I'm white. Answer me this: Why do black men LOVE white girls? I don't understand why they all love white girls

    • i'm african and I grew up in africa. I just moved recently to england for college :) I will speak here for my self and most of the african boys because black European or afro Americans have a different view of white girls than we do have. Believe me, they are not that attracted to white girls as we do. Back in africa, we do watch white movies and series a lot like how I made your mother etc .Media portrait the white girl as the alpha female and we are not use to their flaw :)

  • your not attractive anyway

  • I am Australian and black though I look latino.

    I like latinos and European guys, also I find Hapas to be REALLY attractive.

  • White or halfers.

  • You look like the guy from the Polo commercial haha. Just thought I'd throw that random fact out there.

    Anyways, I'd date any race as long as they were good to me and good to others as well.

  • I am a black female and I find anyone attractive. Race is nothing to me but a skin color. Don't go by looks go by personality. But the only race that I ever dated is white guys because I give anyone a chance that will approach me and they seem to be the only ones


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  • Mixed, and I have no preference. I've mostly dated Black and White girls though.

  • I'm Hispanic. I prefer reasonably light skin and dark hair...pretty much any race can fit that description.

  • Im mixed & I'm attracted to all.

  • Im mixed and I find girls to who are latina, arab or turkish to be most attractive. Other girls can get in line and maybe they will get lucky.

    • So you down voted all the guys? What a dumbass lol

    • all the girls were voted down too lmao I don't know what he's looking for. my guess is a girl who said "i'm white and am attracted to only black guys" would get voted up.