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What does ordering a gin and tonic say about a person?

I like gin and tonic but I feel that its kind of a turn off. I also like mohitos. What do drinks say about a person?

Mojitos I mean. Damn keyboard

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  • That he/she likes gin and tonic. Maybe that he learned to drink in environment when those kind of drinks were preferred, but you cannot be very sure about that. There are more exceptions than occasions this apply :D.

    I think it is too little to know anything about person with sufficient probability. Much more you can tell by way he/she drinks that drink. ...

What Guys Said 16

  • Mojitos are pretty tasty done well, but ... I don't know, they were trendy a while back, its something I'd only drink on a hot day, normally at home.

    Gin and tonic ... I don't like them that much, but they're so classic. I'd be more inclined to talk to a woman if I saw her order one.

  • I like gin an tonic I hope it says something good

  • it says that you like gin and tonic. mohitos say you like mohitos. they say nothing about you other than what your taste buds like.

  • What the heck?

    I might care if you pounded 5 over a half hour, but what are you asking? I'd assume you like gin mixed with tonic.

    Of course, if you drink it without lime, you are a godless heathen.

    If you drink it with a straw, you are a tacky godless heathen.

  • Here's what it says to me: "I like gin."

    That's all it says. It doesn't turn me on and it doesn't turn me off. I've liked girls who drank Prairie Fires (yes, she'd drink them like rum & coke's all night long - she was crazy!), Sweet Tarts, and everything in between. It's not about what's being drunk, it's who's drinking it that I'm interested in. The only time her choice of drink is of any importance is when I'm going to buy her another.

  • I don't always drink liquor, but when I do I prefer gin.

    I'm not sure that it really says all that much about a person. Gin drinks (martinis, gin and tonics, Tom Collins's, etc.) tend to be seen as sophisticated and/or pretentious, but I'm not sure how much people really care to be honest. Drink what you like.

  • There was a study conducted years ago that I read that listed the preferred drinks in relationship to personality types & political ideologies.

    I tended bar for 4.5 years while in college and part time after... It was accurate from what I saw. The only thing I remember was the conservatives typically drank scotch and liberals drank white Zin.

  • Wow that says a lot.

  • "I like booze."

  • What's wrong with G & T? Tanqueray, Boodles, Bombay...Oh Yeah! (:

  • what does ordering rice say for a person?

  • They like gross drinks. lol They don't say anything. People drink what they like.

  • drinks don't say nouthing about a person my drink in my home made wiskey but as for what a drink says about a person thas is TV

    • i drink sodas when I go out I never drink when I go out

  • Gin and tonic is a cougar drink, imo.

  • That they like gin and tonic...

What Girls Said 9

  • i don't think your personality has anything to do with it, you just like the taste

  • That they go hard and love their liquor. You can't really tell much about a person by what they drink.

  • I hate gin, it's so foul. Reminds me of underage drinking days. Yucky. I don't know, you can tell how rich or cultured they are. I know most young people enjoy alco pops, the sweet ones. I enjoy bourbon and coke hah classy

    • Need to drink good gin & good tonic water..I would make you a G & T that you would like..but I prefer Canadian whiskey and coke...(:

  • Both gin and mojitos have very strong, natural flavors (that is the best I can do to describe it). Gin is made from juniper, which is a type of evergreen tree and one component of mojitos, which happens to the the componet that most people who hate mojitos do not like is mint.

  • Probably... "I like gin and tonic"

  • It says they like a gin and tonic.

  • it means youo're a fun person who's not afraid to drink and relax

  • Gin and tonic is such an old man drink.

    • You probably aren't all that anyways. :-P

  • I know what it means.

    An ancient prophecy once said that: "the alcohol thou chooses for drinking means jack sh*t about their pesonaility or anything else about them."

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