Do white men find black women attractive?

Hello I am a African American women who is attending college. I have always been attracted to white guys but never ever dated one. I would like to I think that would be different. Here at college I get flirted with and hit on by black guys all the time and Latinos .But a white guy would not even look my way. I see white guys talking to white girls Asians and every other race but black women. Black women are beautiful to lol. But I just take it as white guys think black is ugly I guess. it's crazy because you see white women with black guys all the time I guess it's just not vis versa. if anyone has a opinion I would love to here thanks.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Just like every white guy isn't attracted to every white girl, not ever white guy is gonna be open to dating all black girls. I find it hard to believe that anyone of any race really has a strict preference for only one race (maybe some... but not many) even white guys who state they arn't attracted to black girls will ALWAYS have the exceptions. Few will reject finding rihanna, beyonce, gabrielle union etc so I think racial preference iss more environmental and socially driven rather than biological for the most part... for example in the US when white guys express an interest in women of other races it seems like they generally prefer Asian girls. in the UK its quite the opposite it seems like most white guys would prefer to date black girls and its highly uncommon to see them with Asian girls.

    I find black girls very attractive, and yes... this includes the really dark ones to really light and not ones that would be stereotypes as "white looking black girls". Many white guys feel the same :D, I guess some may be put off on stereotypes about black girls though like they "act ghetto" and are "loud".