Jews vs. Native Americans vs. Blacks - Who got it the worst throughout history?

These three groups of people have, throughout history, gone through periods of oppression, slavery, and in some cases, even genocide. But in your opinion, who got it the worst?

IMO I would say Native Americans, based on the fact that they were slaughtered for hundreds of years to near extinction (as evidenced by there being so few today), and, in many cases, were forced to abandon their culture to survive.

In your opinion who got it the worst? This is purely a matter of opinion and I don't want to see any serious flaming/heated debates forming in the comments or answers. Offensive posts will be removed.


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  • All three had it pretty bad, but get this: there are African Americans all over, some are awful but a lot have pulled away from the negative stereotypes and lived respectable lives. The Jewish people have been persecuted since before Time, but sometimes its hard to tell if someone is Jewish unless you ask them, because ANYONE could be Jewish.

    Native Americans: when is the last time you've seen a full blood Native American...with at least half of their name a bonafide tribal name(excluding celebrities)? I live in CA and I have YET to meet a full blooded Native American.

    They had it the worst IMHO. This is their home country and its been reduced to sh*tty reservations. Almost everyone else is technically an immigrant(or a descendant of one) and have a home country they can go back to.

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  • Natives around the world have had it tough, especially in the Americas. Its estimated that around 3 million were murdered by weapon and another 2 million were killed by disease.

    80-90% of most native populations have been wiped out.

    In Hawaii, where it used to be an island of ALL natives, they now only make up around 2% of the population.

    In total, scholars conclude that around 5 to 12 million natives were killed throughout the Americas due to invasion and genocide. Due to inability to identify the exact population prior to European invasions, the number could range from 10 million deaths to 100 million deaths including disease, starvation, exhaustion, etc. This is not counting the amount of suicides.

  • None of the above..

    I'd say women.. because they were degraded for a longer period of time, and they could have been in any one of those.^

    • i don't believe this to be true at all, I think this video explains it from a very refreshing and accurate perspective.


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    • There are jewish, native American, and black women... All women have not had it as bad as these groups, and most parts of the world treatment of women has greatly improved or changing in someway.

      Feel bad about women getting knocked around alittle bit by their husbands and not voting? How about having millions of your own people slaughtered/ oppressed both men, women, and children. Black men may have gotten to vote before women, but the treatment of women was still way better at the time.

    • This is an opinion question, not a debate. ^

  • My opinion is that we shouldn't be sitting here asking who had it the worst. What we should be focusing on is how this kind of crap keeps happening in the world. There's so much abhorrence, judging, killing, fighting. You would think that we would learn lessons from the past, and formulate ways to prevent them in the future. To me, I have been sickened by what settlers did to Native Americans, stripped them of their identities, their land and killed their people. Peacefully coexisting was just not in order. Then, we have the issues of slavery and segregation for the blacks. They were treated like second class citizens, deemed inferior because of their skin color, made to do manual labor with no pay etc. Once again, we learned nothing from what happened with the Native Americans. Moving along to the Jews, persecuted by a monster who was a Jew himself and wanted an ideal race & Aryan nation. They were shoved like cattle into train cars, their valuables taken and then sent to work camps where they were gassed to death, randomly shot on site for 'practice,' branded with numbers/codes like livestock. All for what? Because, of their heritage, their physical appearances? We had two opportunities to learn from and we didn't. When in the hell are people going to wake up and look at the bigger picture here?

    • I agree 100%. What's also even more sad is the internal racism within groups: light skinned blacks vs. dark skinned blacks, Mexicans vs. Puerto Ricans, Chinese/Japanese vs. Filipinos. Its so sad.

  • Jews definitely. you literally cannot even make up a reason to say that they deserved what they got.

    native Americans didn't deserve it either, but they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and just happened to be the people the English wanted to boot out.

    blacks also didn't have anything to do with what happened to them, and although they were forced into slavery, they weren't gassed in chambers and made to die :/

    • Wrong place at the wrong time? It was their home =P They were here first

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    • I just did not understand, because all the reasons you were giving could also be applied to Jews, yet you chose to apply them to Native Americans. I do respect your decision though.

    • The Native Americans were given blankets that poison them, even their babies.

  • All three suffered and it is very hard to choose one out of these three. However, if I had to name one I would say Native Americans, because not only did they suffer in the past; they are the group that is suffering the most as it is today.

    Jews did suffer in the past, but they did come out stronger; by getting their own country Israel. Also, there is an almost international memorial day where people remember and pay attention to their suffering, as well as people – in at least the Western World – being educated about what happened to Jews in the Second World War. Then during the time they suffered the most, there were also people fighting to free them (allies); there was a significant amount of people that did not agree with what was happening to Jews and they were willing to fight for that, too.

    Blacks did suffer in the past, but they also did come out stronger; by law they do now have the same rights, there is still racism in this world but their position in our society already made and continues to make positive changes. Also, it is acknowledged in nowadays teaching that our ways of treating blacks in the past were backwards. And blacks too had, even though it took a while, people fighting for them / by their side.

    Whereas Native Americans as an ethnicity do not have their own country, yes they do have reservations but the living standards there are comparable to a Third World Country. They do not have a National day, let alone an International day, whereon people stand still by their suffering. Their history and what happened to them, is not taught very well in schools here in Europe; their suffering is not as recognized or well-known around the world (not only through education, but also think of books/films that depict their suffers etc.). They never had any (significant) allies outside their own race. Their position in the world has made little to no positive changes and it does not look like things will turn around for them any soon.

    In general I feel their horrible past is less acknowledged and that there is less done to make up to the unjustified treatment they got. Also their hurt and suffering dragging on in today’s life seems to be more present than in the other two groups. That is why I chose Native Americans.

    • By law blacks have the same rights? By law blacks have greater rights. Affermative action at its best.

    • @ joshuadwa, no. not greater, affirmative action can apply to any underrepresented group. so if a white person were a minority in a society that would apply to them.

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  • Thats a tough call because Native Americans are practically an endangered species now, because their race has been hunted to near extinction. Blacks had it bad, but when compared to the Jews...shoot...Jews had it much worse. Blacks were enslaved for a couple hundred years by Europeans...but...Jews--they were enslaved by Egyptians for THOUSANDS of years, they were eunicized (had their whole penis cut off) and circumcised (had the most sensitive part of the penis cut off), because Egyptians thought they were Gods and they didn't want their slaves experiencing sex the same way. Then they were hunted by German Catholics because Hitler argued that Jews had killed their God, and put Jesus on a cross and tortured him to by the millions Jews were killed by Christians and Catholics throughout Europe. They are still do this day being treated negatively by people who are of Christian religions...see Mel Gibson and his large group of followers that bought that Jesus being beaten for two hours movie, "The Passion of Christ." So Id say...yeah...Jews had it the worst.

  • Jews then Native Americans then Blacks.

    Asians have had some rough times as well.

    • This is true. I apologize for not including them in the question.

  • Blacks. Just like one fake "inspirational" poster stated. It had a picture of Geordi LaForge (LaFarge?) whatever from Star Trek TNG. It said, "In the future they can cure blindness, but you'll still always be black."

    Same with "Native" Americans I suppose but Jews can always change or hide their religion.

  • I would say jews. Beyond the death camps in nazi germany, jews were slaves in egypt several generations longer than blacks were slaves in America. Like native Americans, jews were taken out of their lands but jews were forced into slavery instead of just being removed from their land. A few people here are argueing that jews don't have it because they have their own country. They are surrounded by countries that don't aknowledgetheir existance and hate them... kill their people and launch rockets into their country (hazbala [not sure on spelling])

    They are forced 2 years mandatory military service upon competion of school becasue SO many people want to wipe them off the map they have to have a strong military force

    I would say jews had it the worst then native Americans then blacks

    • Well, there are man, many Jewish organizations and Jewish intellectuals/hollocaust victims who oppose the Appartheid state of Israel so I don't think it's a jew and arab thing.

  • history is so vast I just don't think its possible to decide.

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