Jews vs. Native Americans vs. Blacks - Who got it the worst throughout history?

These three groups of people have, throughout history, gone through periods of oppression, slavery, and in some cases, even genocide. But in your opinion, who got it the worst?

IMO I would say Native Americans, based on the fact that they were slaughtered for hundreds of years to near extinction (as evidenced by there being so few today), and, in many cases, were forced to abandon their culture to survive.

In your opinion who got it the worst? This is purely a matter of opinion and I don't want to see any serious flaming/heated debates forming in the comments or answers. Offensive posts will be removed.


Most Helpful Girl

  • All three had it pretty bad, but get this: there are African Americans all over, some are awful but a lot have pulled away from the negative stereotypes and lived respectable lives. The Jewish people have been persecuted since before Time, but sometimes its hard to tell if someone is Jewish unless you ask them, because ANYONE could be Jewish.

    Native Americans: when is the last time you've seen a full blood Native American...with at least half of their name a bonafide tribal name(excluding celebrities)? I live in CA and I have YET to meet a full blooded Native American.

    They had it the worst IMHO. This is their home country and its been reduced to sh*tty reservations. Almost everyone else is technically an immigrant(or a descendant of one) and have a home country they can go back to.