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I want to tell my girlfriend I have a foot fetish should I be nervous?

If your boyfriend told you he had a foot fetish would you be happy, freaked out, or curious? I just don't know what to expect lol

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  • Just get into a conversation with her about things that turn you on. Have her tell you hers, and then mention to her that you have a thing for feet. I would think it's kind of cute and I'd be curious about it, but I don't think it would really turn me on or off.

    • That is what we most commonly find about our mates...sometimes it's a match...but...mostly we are doing something that is not life life threatening or injurious that makes our mate happy..I don't care about the same stuff my wife does...AND you get an Up Arrow...(:

    • Exactly. Thanks.(:

What Girls Said 8

  • I would be fine with it, flattered, of course provided that he thought my feet were sexy and looking at them got him turned on. The girl would have to be pretty close minded to get upset about a foot fetish - that's a pretty normal fetish IMO.

  • My ex had a foot fetish, personally I found it weird but you just need to find that one person who shares the same fetish as you so you can make it pleasurable for both of you!

    • Not my down arrow...but..I don't agree with you...reciprocity is not mandatory...only a willingness to please your mate...I have NEVER looked at a female and said "I'm not into that..so I'm not gonna do it"

  • My boyfriend told me he has a boot fetish, and I was cool with it, having never been introduced into the world of fetishes at the time.

    Foot fetishes are VERY common from what I gather. Just tell her. :)

  • Just rub her feet and tell her you love them.

  • DO NOT use the word "fetish" to her! Tell her you think HER feet are sexy and feminior whuteva you like about them. Or you can just do what the first anon user guy answered. She might like it and it will be something she won't mind, you will just do it without even talking about it. Win win. Sometimes the talking kills the fun.

    • unusual...I agree with you...(:

    • I agree. Easing her into it without actually saying it's a fetish will probably benefit you.

  • No you shouldn't be nervous. I bet she finds it cute

  • the word "fettish" has negative connotations but the actual thing is OK. Just tell her you like feet and go with it from there.

What Guys Said 5

  • Maybe she has a fetish as well. Try bringing it up in a conversation, but don't start a conversation about fetishes in an environment where it could be weird. Lead up to the fact that you have a fetish for feet. Maybe she'll say something like: 'Oh my goodness! no way, I have a fetish for (something)!' You never know. I don't have a boyfriend, because I'm a guy, so I can't really answer your question. All I can say is, good luck, and stay calm, cowboy!

  • I told my GF, she was cool with it, she now gives me footjob almost every time we do it :D

    Tell her man!

  • Don't worry about her reaction, she'll probably just yawn. Cause foot fetishism is the most boring fetish out there... lol

  • Agree with anon. Of course it depends, if you have an old school 'fetish' and need it all the time, you'll need to bring it up at some point. But if you're just into feet on par with breasts or asses, then just ... include them in sex. etc.

  • I didn't tell my girlfriend I had one at first. I just randomly went down and kissed her feet when we were cuddling one night and she giggled and that's how I started it and she doesn't mind.

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