My husband keeps giving our 2 year old son beer

My husband keeps giving our 2 year old son a sip of beer. I tell him not to because our son keeps vomiting but he won't listen. My hubby say I'm overreacting and I need to take it easy, we so many fights over this. Now our son keeps asking me or my husband for beer in his milk. If I don't he'll start crying or all angry. What should I do?


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  • I would ask your husband why he feels it's necessary to give a two year old beer. don't argue just wait for his intelligent answer. Then explain to him that if he actually cared about you or the well being of your son he will stop.

  • Warn your husband that if he doesn't stop that you will call social services on him. Warn him ONCE and then follow through with it. Tell them that he won't stop giving your kid beer. Social services will probably show up to your house talk with your husband and tell him if he does it again he will be arrested. Then if he does it again, have him arrested. (Don't worry, he likely won't get jail time). Doing all this proves to him that you are serious about your son not drinking alcohol at this young of an age. The implications could be very dangerous, not to mention it's extremely illegal. Hopefully you won't have to take it this far and he will stop with the social services.

    Bottom line you need to take action. Not another drop for the kid NO MATTER WHAT. Warn your husband of what you are going to do and then DO IT!

    Good luck~

    • It actually isn't illegal. Most places allow any person under the age of 21 to drink an alcoholic beverage if a parent/guardian is present and allows it.

    • You should look this up on your states website. I find this very hard to believe. In Illinois, where I live, it is illegal to buy, sell, give, receive, or consume alcohol under the age of 21.


      type: "(whatever state you live in) consumption laws" in google.

  • Don't give him the beer for one, he'll get over it eventually.

    Tell your husband that he either has to stop giving your son beer or you're going to leave him, and you're going to have to follow through with that promise. It may be hard for you but he's not a person who should be raising a child if he's doing such things.

    If you absolutly must stay with him, don't allow him to keep beer in the house and don't leave your son in his care until you're positive he's not going to give him anymore.

  • he needs to know how dangerous alcohol is

    try and analogize it with posion...

    i hate lying but maybe telling ur son that what he is drinking is poison may help...

    i'm sorry this is happening. good luck with the both of them.

    you should help ur husband understand that the alcohol could kill or make ur son addicted.

    you may blow away money to feed the addiction.

  • You and your husband need serious and long-term therapy for alcoholism and related issues.

    You know this is warped. Why aren't you protecting your child? Why haven't you moved out?

    State agencies routinely remove children from their families for behavior like this.

    If I knew where you lived, I'd drop a dime on you. This is sick and wrong.

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  • Have you taken your son to the doctor for the vomiting? He could suffer from an allergy or an infection that needs to be addressed, regardless of the beer. Children 2 and under can easily suffer from dehydration from vomiting. You should talk to your doctor about his alcohol consumption and the effects it could be having on him as well, him asking for some and the tantrums he has when denied. You don't say how often or how much your child is drinking, though I don't think an occasional sip is going to permanently damage him or turn him into an alcoholic. Of course when I say occasionally, I mean just that. Talk to your pedi about it and get his opinion.

    As for your husband, it's a little more complicated. The struggle for who is the dominate parent can be a nasty one, a tug of war of wills. Sadly, it's the children that suffer the most from it. You guys need to sit down and discuss your parenting agenda to avoid more power struggles like these. I would not give my children sips of beer, though that is something my husband would not mind. But I'm the dominant parent so he honors my wishes to avoid sending conflicting messages to the kids (and a good ass kicking if he just doesn't do what I say). I know how hard it is to control what the other parent does, even when you are married, but the reality of it is this is something that can drive a huge wedge into your relationship, and affect your child's emotional well being if it isn't worked out. Unfortunately, if your husband refuses to compromise or even listen to your opinions about how you child should be raised - you can either leave him or learn to accept it.

    Hope you get this worked out. If you're really pissed at him you can always call CPA to report him contributing alcohol to a minor - but that is extreme, even for me.

    Good luck.

  • Thats child abuse..and illegal. I would in a very serious tone point this out to him and let him know you won't put up with it. Add to it that your child is vomiting...something is seriously wrong here. Personally, if that was happening to my child, I would be out of there. She means more to me than staying with any man.

  • beer is an alcoholic beverage

    it can be toxic to the liver especially to kids because their threshold of tolerance for that type of substance is very low

    it's not a joke

    definitely talk to a doctor

    tell him to go to a medical professional

    give him scientific evidence

    it's a no brainer. would totally stop it.

  • Um does your husband realize that totally illegal?!? Doesn't matter if its just a sip. My dad did give my sister whiskey when she was that age, only because she would go around drinking beers of they were left out. She never did it again after that. But that's totally different. You better hope your child doesn't ask for beer when your out in public. Someone's bound to call CPS.

  • Sounds like a bullshit story... Come on... if your husband was doing that, would you really be spending time online trying to figure out what to do? BULLSHIT!

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