My husband keeps giving our 2 year old son beer

My husband keeps giving our 2 year old son a sip of beer. I tell him not to because our son keeps vomiting but he won't listen. My hubby say I'm overreacting and I need to take it easy, we so many fights over this. Now our son keeps asking me or my husband for beer in his milk. If I don't he'll start crying or all angry. What should I do?


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  • I would ask your husband why he feels it's necessary to give a two year old beer. don't argue just wait for his intelligent answer. Then explain to him that if he actually cared about you or the well being of your son he will stop.

  • Warn your husband that if he doesn't stop that you will call social services on him. Warn him ONCE and then follow through with it. Tell them that he won't stop giving your kid beer. Social services will probably show up to your house talk with your husband and tell him if he does it again he will be arrested. Then if he does it again, have him arrested. (Don't worry, he likely won't get jail time). Doing all this proves to him that you are serious about your son not drinking alcohol at this young of an age. The implications could be very dangerous, not to mention it's extremely illegal. Hopefully you won't have to take it this far and he will stop with the social services.

    Bottom line you need to take action. Not another drop for the kid NO MATTER WHAT. Warn your husband of what you are going to do and then DO IT!

    Good luck~

    • It actually isn't illegal. Most places allow any person under the age of 21 to drink an alcoholic beverage if a parent/guardian is present and allows it.

    • You should look this up on your states website. I find this very hard to believe. In Illinois, where I live, it is illegal to buy, sell, give, receive, or consume alcohol under the age of 21.


      type: "(whatever state you live in) consumption laws" in google.

  • Don't give him the beer for one, he'll get over it eventually.

    Tell your husband that he either has to stop giving your son beer or you're going to leave him, and you're going to have to follow through with that promise. It may be hard for you but he's not a person who should be raising a child if he's doing such things.

    If you absolutly must stay with him, don't allow him to keep beer in the house and don't leave your son in his care until you're positive he's not going to give him anymore.

  • he needs to know how dangerous alcohol is

    try and analogize it with posion...

    i hate lying but maybe telling ur son that what he is drinking is poison may help...

    i'm sorry this is happening. good luck with the both of them.

    you should help ur husband understand that the alcohol could kill or make ur son addicted.

    you may blow away money to feed the addiction.

  • You and your husband need serious and long-term therapy for alcoholism and related issues.

    You know this is warped. Why aren't you protecting your child? Why haven't you moved out?

    State agencies routinely remove children from their families for behavior like this.

    If I knew where you lived, I'd drop a dime on you. This is sick and wrong.

  • I call troll!

  • You can't let him do that, he needs a punch ! Happ to hear your giving him some ! That is FXXXKED UP!

  • While he is sitting in front of the TV watching NASCAR or wrestling, I would calmly get a meat cleaver, grab hold of the power chord and chop it in two. Then, I would ask him to follow you outside. After dropping a match in the gas tank of his four-wheeler and tossing his bowling ball under the trailer, I would stand in front of the pick-up truck and calmly explain that when you see him giving beer to your kid, you start to have funny thoughts about removing his testicles with a meat cleaver when he is asleep. Then, just smile, kiss him on the forehead and say "I love you Bubba, wanna go huntin' ?"

  • Hope social services doesn't come knocking at your door.

  • Wow, that's so fucked up. At first I thought he was doing it to make sure he would never drink beer in his life. But he keeps doing it which means he wants the kid to develop an early addiction which is incredibly stupid and unhealthy.

    When I was young my mother blind folded me and gave me random things to taste. I had to guess what I was tasting. She started with all kinds of delicious and sweet flavors of course. Then came the beer lol. That shit was so disgusting I sweared I would never drink beer ever again. And here I am today, 25 years later, never been so proud of my mom lol. I'm so glad I never started smoking or drinking beer because of this.

    But again, this isn't what your husband seems to be doing. Call the cops or something if he keeps doing this. It could be considered child abuse or complete idiocy. He's endangering the child's health and this could have serious consequences on his development.

  • That is about as dumb as you can get! It's bad for the child and illegally, good thing your trying to stop that, it can cause liver and kidney problems at that young age. Stop that kind of action now! CPS will take your kid

  • You're brave. I think you need to use some kind of leverage to let your husband know how serious you are.

  • this could be a very serious problem if you don't fix it now if I were you don't spoil your kid tell him NO he's 2yrs old he can't have it his way. clearly if he was vommiting and your husband still gives him beer there's a problem with him

  • give him egg nog!

    It's milk, kind of

    and it has alcohol in it!

    pretty soon the baby will cry and have hangovers

    maybe when he's 3 he can teach the kid how to play beer png!


    yeah, that's not right

    feeding a 2-year old beer is bad

    and the state could remove the kid from your house

  • f***d up

  • Did you also ask this on Dear Cupid? I answered there but thought I should add that I agree with those who have said that you should take the child to a doctor.

    Also although my dad (and also my mom at least once) let me drink alcohol when I was young I do not drink now and I've sworn off drinking for the rest of my life.

  • your husband is a retard.

  • lololololololololol

  • i was a child raised on beer. so what?

    • So what? how old were you?

    • I've been drinking beer in moderation since I can remember. I believe I was 1 or 2 when my dad first put beer into my milk to put me to sleep. since then I've been having small amounts of beer every day. I'm currently 19 and drink 2 bottles of beer a day with dinner and that's it. To me, being raised with beer taught me moderation and whenever I go to parties or anything I stick to my 2 beer limit and don't get drunk

  • You''re husband need hlep asap because he got serious issues.

    if he don't stop and don't listen to you call the police its the only way that he will understand what he's doing is bad for his own kid, just like everyone else said he's a RETARD .

  • Take your son and leave this a**hole. If you don't, your just as guilty as you husband.

  • If it's just a sip or two then relax. It's not going to hurt the kid. All these people freaking out about a sip of beer when they are cramming ibuprofen, soda and French fries down their own kids throats.

  • 2 years old for beer is bad and is probably causing your child brain damage. Honestly, child protective services would take away your children if they knew your husband does that. But then again, my dad used to give me hard liquor and told me it was apple juice but I was probably 7.

    • You know what you should do? Just buy your 2 year old son a case of Icehouse 10% alcohol beer that tastes like shit and make him drink ALL of it. And if he doesn't, which he won't then he'll be so emotionally scarred that he probably won't like beer every again. Nip it at the bud.

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  • Have you taken your son to the doctor for the vomiting? He could suffer from an allergy or an infection that needs to be addressed, regardless of the beer. Children 2 and under can easily suffer from dehydration from vomiting. You should talk to your doctor about his alcohol consumption and the effects it could be having on him as well, him asking for some and the tantrums he has when denied. You don't say how often or how much your child is drinking, though I don't think an occasional sip is going to permanently damage him or turn him into an alcoholic. Of course when I say occasionally, I mean just that. Talk to your pedi about it and get his opinion.

    As for your husband, it's a little more complicated. The struggle for who is the dominate parent can be a nasty one, a tug of war of wills. Sadly, it's the children that suffer the most from it. You guys need to sit down and discuss your parenting agenda to avoid more power struggles like these. I would not give my children sips of beer, though that is something my husband would not mind. But I'm the dominant parent so he honors my wishes to avoid sending conflicting messages to the kids (and a good ass kicking if he just doesn't do what I say). I know how hard it is to control what the other parent does, even when you are married, but the reality of it is this is something that can drive a huge wedge into your relationship, and affect your child's emotional well being if it isn't worked out. Unfortunately, if your husband refuses to compromise or even listen to your opinions about how you child should be raised - you can either leave him or learn to accept it.

    Hope you get this worked out. If you're really pissed at him you can always call CPA to report him contributing alcohol to a minor - but that is extreme, even for me.

    Good luck.

  • Thats child abuse..and illegal. I would in a very serious tone point this out to him and let him know you won't put up with it. Add to it that your child is vomiting...something is seriously wrong here. Personally, if that was happening to my child, I would be out of there. She means more to me than staying with any man.

  • beer is an alcoholic beverage

    it can be toxic to the liver especially to kids because their threshold of tolerance for that type of substance is very low

    it's not a joke

    definitely talk to a doctor

    tell him to go to a medical professional

    give him scientific evidence

    it's a no brainer. would totally stop it.

  • Um does your husband realize that totally illegal?!? Doesn't matter if its just a sip. My dad did give my sister whiskey when she was that age, only because she would go around drinking beers of they were left out. She never did it again after that. But that's totally different. You better hope your child doesn't ask for beer when your out in public. Someone's bound to call CPS.

  • Sounds like a bullshit story... Come on... if your husband was doing that, would you really be spending time online trying to figure out what to do? BULLSHIT!

  • i don't know why you even asking this question..its clear DO NOT GIVE BEER TO A CHILD! especially to a 2 year old. Honestly not to be rude but you are a mother you need to protect your kid, He keeps vomiting are you kidding me!? I understand if the child was like a teen and he gave him a sip its still wrong, but to a 2 year old, that's just wrong. Give your husband a lecture tell him to stop and its bad for the baby his organs are still DEVELOPING, you are messing with his health!

  • your hubby is needs help if he thinks its ok to give a toddler beer. if the child cries, let him because you know its best to not give it to him just to keep him quiet. you are an accomplice of hurting that child if you do it period for whatever reason.

  • if he vomits when he drinks it, why does he want it? that's really odd! Call a child therapist and ask them to talk to your husband, most likely he will be more inclined to listen to a professional. Honestly a tiny bit of beer isn't going to make him an alcoholic, but at his age it's just not good for his health.

  • Ayeeeee I hear cps coming your waaaayyyyy (;

  • This is such a bad idea, and completely dangerous for the kid. Your kid needs to be removed from the situation, and your husband needs help.

    Voice record your next argument about this (if there is one), take it to court for evidence for custody of the kid, and separate from/divorce this moron. 2 year olds shouldn't be spoiled; It's just bad for their development and creates problems later in life.

  • He obviously doesn't care what your feelings are or your sons safety.

  • Oh my GOD! that's horrible! :( protect that poor child. you can't give in to his tantrums. if I were you, I'm sorry to say, but I would not want anything to do with that husband. I don't know how the rest of your relationship is, but judging on the fact that he gives your 2 year old BEER, I'm assuming the worst. my advice is to leave the guy and at court tell them about the beer so you can get custody and protect your poor son. if you don't do that, at LEAST never give into your childs tantrums for that (he'll get over it soon) and never, EVER let your husband o that again. and I would take your son to a doctor so you can make sure no severe damage was done and if there is to get the right treatment.

    • Also, this is like one of those stories you hear in the news about some kid who is a drug addicted, suicidal, uncontrollable mess and had a tragic childhood. do you want that for your kid?? if you want him to lead a healthy, normal life, you HAVE to protect him.

  • Call a lawyer and tape your conversation with him where he talks about giving beer to the child. Then call child protection services and tell them you want custody of the children. Then divource your husband. I grew up in an abusive home. I had an eating disorder for 6 years because my mohter told me I was fat and ugly, my dad would not take me to a doctor, because he wanted to make my mother happy. Now I hate both of them and hope they burn in hell (and they will because God is real)

  • Are you for real. what do you think you should do? come on now, I think a 12 year old would know this, sorry if I'm going to sound mean. But you just sit there and let it happen, take it away, take him away. And what makes me mad and sick to my stomach is you just let it happen, so what he crys or get angry, YOU DO NOT DO THAT! He is 2 years old for crying out loud, do you have any idea what will happen to him, if you keep this up or let alone you guys? I am sry if I sound mean but I am very sick that you would even ask that question what should I do..

    • You almost said word for word, what I was thinking and wanted to comment on.

  • omfg ur husband is a idiot! omg tell ur kidif he cries wen he doesn't get what he wants he'll get a time out 4 ten minutes.. if ur husband does it again I wood take the kid and leave fer a while.if he calls the po-po he'll be the one in trouble not u.

    • The kid is only 2 years old time out doesn't work

    • Lol then give him apple juice. and tell him its beer. or give him straight vodlka. make shure it tastse really bad. or wen he cries give him the silent treatment tell him you don't want ur baby to be all messed up. make the kid feel lik he really hurt u.

  • This isn't good because this just started a habit and will eventually start a worse habbit when your son gets older. If your husband acts like he doesn't care, tell him that you will leave him if he keeps this up. Then he might realize how important being a father is. Do it for the safety of your son.

  • what the hell?is ur husband out of his mind does he want ur son to become an alcholic when he grows up.of course you have all the right to be upset . I really dnt know how to advice you but I think you should ask a doctor or specialist he might give you the answer you need.

  • leave him and take your child with you if he doesn't stop soon

  • Take ur hubby and got to the doctor and ask him together,or show him a medical-site.HE WANT TO MAKE UR BABY ILL?>?

  • The giving of the beer would turn give any serious problems with the child although he is young, but my sister use to drink beer that was laying around at that age, I can guarantee you she's fine

    The vomitting does seems odd, I would forsure get that checked out a sip shouldn't be making him vomit.

    And your husbands being pretty childish if he thinks your over reacting specially since it is a big deal if your son is getting sick. I would refuse to let there be beer in the house for a while I'm sure hell smarten up pretty quick.

  • Giving your child beer can turn him into an alcoholic later...what is he thinking.He needs to grow up and be an adult.It would be totally different if your son picked it up and took a sip on his own but for him to give him beer is just morally wrong.What kind of parent would do that.I have 2 children and would kick my husbands ass if he ever tryed!

  • your husband is stupid... who gives a child f***ing beer?

  • My uncle used to do that with his son and it is never right. You need to have a serious talk with your husband about this and voice your opinion strongly. You should be entitled to a say about this because it's your son as well. That is just not right and you are not overracting by any means! If your husband does not care enough to consider your opinon as well, I would warn about leaving him if I were you.

  • Get some balls! Wow this should infuriate u...if I saw that happenign I think would smash the bottle over my husbands head& trust me if you saw me I am the most innocent looking soft spoken non tempermental person but obviously ur husband doesn't give a dam what you say because ur obviously allowing it.

  • my daddy used to give me a drink of beer everysunday for our football parties and I would sit on his lap and he would give me a drink...i hated the taste of beer, well any alcohol actually. I think that taste has stuck with me for a long time. I still hate maybe its a good thing..

    • Ye but he gives beer to this child to the point that this child vomits..nd a child crying over beer is redic

  • Oh lord. Dump this man. But if you love him ALOT ALOT. Tell him no. Beer can cause liver failure if it is abused to much.

    By giving a two year old beer. Who knows what kind of cancers or diseases this baby can grow up with.

    Better yet die from.

  • A child shouldn't be drinking beer at all. My cousin was given beer as a toddler, and she's an airhead. By 10 she was having a full can of beer. The fact that your son is vomiting should had already put warning bells in your husband, but he's ignoring it.

    As for your son's already small addiction, tell him you put it in his milk but trick him by not doing it. If that doesn't work, firmly tell him that beer is wrong at his age.

  • My parents let me have a sip of their beer at BBQs or tailgating occasionally when I was little but only if I was eating something with it and I mean ONLY occasionally. I never got to the point I would ask for it and I'm sorry it's gotten to that point. You should try telling him you did but mix some vanilla or something like that in. And tell your husband to stop it or you won't keep beer in the house anymore.

  • Don't give him beer!

    It's causing problems for your family and son already. Your son has to withdraw now. I'd take all the alcohol out of the house for awhile. Don't care if your son gets mad or cries, it's now a conciquence that you have to deal with.

    If your husband continues, threaten to leave him. Your son could die, and you'd go to jail for permitting it.

  • f***ing retard

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