You boyfriend/girlfriend has dated interracially in the past-do you have a problem with it?

You find out that your girlfriend or boyfriend has dated interracially in the past, meaning they've dated someone of a different race. Do you have a problem with it or are you accepting of it or is it whatever? Would your opinion of them change?

  • Yes I would have a problem with it
    10% (13)37% (43)23% (56)Vote
  • No I would not have a problem with it
    83% (104)51% (60)67% (164)Vote
  • It depends or other-explain
    7% (9)12% (14)10% (23)Vote
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Some users are asking why this matters and are saying this is a useless question.

Almost every question on this site is useless. I asked this to gain a different perspective and looking at the poll, there are obviously some people who are not OK with the above scenario. If this question is useless or has no meaning, why bother answering? This was just for my curiosity. Thanks for answering


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  • anyone who votes A is almost surely inbred...

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What Guys Said 50

  • Only a small-minded mutant would have a problem with such a thing.

  • Of course that wouldn't be a problem. FFS.

  • I'd be worried that if she had dated a lot of guys from a race with small penises, she'd be used to the easy quickies, and disappointed with how much foreplay she'd need to comfortably handle me.

    Well, worried might be overstating it a bit ...

  • No I would not have a problem with it.

    Certainly not !

  • Frankly...the race that someone is dating doesn't matter.

    So I voted "no".

    However, to the QA, I'm curious; how do people react negatively to interracial dating, that you know of?

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What Girls Said 42

  • I would prefer a boyfriend who hasn't but I would overlook it if it was just for sex or he didn't really care about her. Also if the majority of girls he dated were his race I'd overlook it. But not someone who has dated outside their race repeatedly unless he's mixed himself.

    • Why? I'm simply curious.

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    • Yeah the stereotyping is not cute. Just sayin'.

    • Most men will deal with women just for sex. Not every guy in a relationship has tremendous feelings for the girl he's with, sometimes it's a relationship of convenience and other times he just wants a steady supply of ass

      I don't like the stereotyping either but most of the black men who date out DO have messed up things to say about black women as a whole. I have heard this come out of their mouths. And ask nonblack women who date them what they say about sistas. it's often nothing nice.

  • It would not even enter my mind. Why should it?

  • i don't have a problem with that at all.

  • I experienced with a white guy before and once we ended he told me that he was embarressed to go out with me because of my race. A few weeks later, I found out he hooked up with a few girls of his own race..if bothered me a lot because of the way he told me when we originally broke up. We both made this decision to because I just wasn't committed anymore, and I was attracted to someone of my own race within the relationship. And I felt dishonest so I told him, he might of said this out of anger and his actions definitely showed..but it's over now. I honestly do not care, but I think you would have to experience an interracial relationship and a breakup with that to understand this question and where she's comming from.

  • Nah, that kind of thing is pretty irrelevant to me.

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