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You boyfriend/girlfriend has dated interracially in the past-do you have a problem with it?

You find out that your girlfriend or boyfriend has dated interracially in the past, meaning they've dated someone of a different race. Do you have a... Show More

  • Vote A Yes I would have a problem with it
  • Vote B No I would not have a problem with it
  • Vote C It depends or other-explain
Some users are asking why this matters and are saying this is a useless question.

Almost every question on this site is useless. I asked this to gain a different perspective and looking at the poll, there are obviously some people who are not OK with the above scenario. If this question is useless or has no meaning, why bother answering? This was just for my curiosity. Thanks for answering

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  • anyone who votes A is almost surely inbred...

What Guys Said 49

  • I'd be worried that if she had dated a lot of guys from a race with small penises, she'd be used to the easy quickies, and disappointed with how much foreplay she'd need to comfortably handle me.

    Well, worried might be overstating it a bit ...

    • ok now you're race profiling? heehee

    • wow. slongs were the last thing I'd think someone would worry about :P

  • Of course that wouldn't be a problem. FFS.

  • No I would not have a problem with it.

    Certainly not !

  • Frankly...the race that someone is dating doesn't matter.

    So I voted "no".

    However, to the QA, I'm curious; how do people react negatively to interracial dating, that you know of?

  • No, wouldn't care. Why?

  • Non issue for me.

  • Only a small-minded mutant would have a problem with such a thing.

  • I'm in an interracial relationship

    • Great

  • It's always bad to talk in detail about any past dating partner to your signifiant other. PERIOD

  • I wouldn't have a problem with it, but it would matter.

    I would basically see them as more enlightened and I would expect to get more out of the relationsihp as a result.

  • If it is a white woman and they only dated guys of another race exclusively and then dated me (white guy) then it might make me think something was up. I would think she had low esteem for her race (most likely low self-esteem too), but now she wants to go back to her race after getting jaded from too many dudes from the other race.

    If I date a girl of a different race and she has dated interracially before then it would make me feel more at ease knowing I'm not the only white guy she has been with and the relationship isn't some kind of experiment.

    If it's any woman that just dates whatever guy she likes no matter what race they are then it wouldn't bother me.

  • I'm not insecure/racist, so why would I care? Wouldn't change at all.

  • wouldnt care, but I will acknowledge that there sometimes is a stigma in our society when you see a white girl whos been with a few black guys.

    but anyone who says that they would have a problem can no longer refer to Kim Kardashian as hot

  • I wouldn't have a problem with it just because they're a different race. It just depends on the person one is dating.

  • I wouldn't care.

  • no I wouldn't have a problem. if they did date interracially, my opinion would change for the better.

  • This thread looks like a trap for racists! I dare anyone to say they wouldn't date a person who had dated outside of their "race"(whatever that means). The poor little xenophobe would have to post anonymously.

    ps just so everyone knows: totally NOT a racist!

    • I guess my answer was overly flippant. For the record, I would be open to dating anyone and would not be at all bothered if a girl I was dating dated someone with different physical characteristics from mine (some people term this' race').

  • hmm no not at all..whats the problem?

  • Lololol. I know of people like that. I don't get it. I wouldn't care one bit.

  • @Asker... what's your perspective on this question?

  • Yes, ofcourse it would matter...if I was an uncultured hillbilly.

    • ...

    • Dotdotdot

    • it's a hidden joke. The rest of it is somewhere on this page

  • No I don't mind at all.

  • Completely accepting of it... shouldn't make any difference. In fact, they are probably more interesting because of it.

  • umm wtf? I'm sorry but this is the most meaningless question ever. I would have a problem if they dated sheep or dogs...One would think that humans date humans right?

    • so true that is exactly what I thought

    • If it's meaningless then why did you bother reading?

    • Best answer I've seen yet. And @QA I'm assuming he answered to make the point that it is a silly question and it shouldn't matter.. Unless they are dating sheep.. That is weird.. Lol

  • Personally, No.

    I feel sorry for people who are racist, or bothered with people who can look past the color of someone's skin, or the label of someone's race and find true happiness.

  • I could care less personally.

  • I might think about it but I won't make a big deal about it. Your relationship is about you and your girlfriend/boyfriend and has nothing to do with their past relationships.

  • I'd have a problem if they kept talking to the other guy, or if they kept trying to compare me to them, only wanted to use me to make the guy jealous, etc.

  • I'd get the hell out of the relationship if I found out she'd been dating outside her race. But I date classy women, so I don't have to worry about that.

    • what does classy have to do with dating outside your race? you must be trap in the 50s, because I know a lot of unclassy people who date within their race, smh

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    • When did I say anything about "Aryan superiority" or Nazi Germany?

      If you want to go there then you should realize that what Nazi Germany accomplished in terms of science, heck in every aspect of life, far outweighs anything your mongrel bretheren will EVER produce or offer the world.

    • i think that biracial people are beautiful ^^

      off topic, yay Sweden <3

  • It does matter. But not as much as people tend to believe. The real thing that matters is who her ex is. If her previous boyfriend was a rich hunk. That would make any guy feel a bit insecure.

    • But that's the person, not the race..

    • True race doesn't make a much of a difference. I mean I would be curious about it, but nothing else. Also, it matters who she dated not which race (at least to me).

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What Girls Said 42

  • i don't have a problem with that at all.

  • I would prefer a boyfriend who hasn't but I would overlook it if it was just for sex or he didn't really care about her. Also if the majority of girls he dated were his race I'd overlook it. But not someone who has dated outside their race repeatedly unless he's mixed himself.

    • Why? I'm simply curious.

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    • Yeah the stereotyping is not cute. Just sayin'.

    • Most men will deal with women just for sex. Not every guy in a relationship has tremendous feelings for the girl he's with, sometimes it's a relationship of convenience and other times he just wants a steady supply of ass

      I don't like the stereotyping either but most of the black men who date out DO have messed up things to say about black women as a whole. I have heard this come out of their mouths. And ask nonblack women who date them what they say about sistas. it's often nothing nice.

  • It wouldn't be a problem at all. It wouldn't even register to me.

  • Nah, that kind of thing is pretty irrelevant to me.

  • It would not even enter my mind. Why should it?

  • No why would I care. Hell even he might be a different race than me.

    • Hope I didn't make it seem like I thought your question was useless because it wasn't, they say no question is a stupid question.

  • Lol, no.

  • It would be great!

    It means that he's an open-minded person. I see no problem. :)

  • I wouldn't care at all, plus it's in the past so that's yet another reason why I wouldn't care.

  • no that wouldn't bother me at all.

  • I wouldn't care. At all.

  • I would never even think of it as a problem. Race really doesn't make a difference to me.

  • No. It wouldn't even make sense in my case because I prefer to date white men.

  • No, I wouldn't mind. If he's dated women of VARIOUS races, that's even better! It shows me that he's not just into one particular race and that he's very open-minded.

  • Not at all! Its irrelevant to me. I've dated interracially myself :) love and attraction is color blind to me

  • No. I would not have a problem. In fact, I can't even see it as something that needs to be mentioned.

    Seriously people - who cares?

    Skin color is as important as hair color.. ie, it's not.

    And talking about different cultures makes no difference either. People who grew up in London differ from those who grew up in the countryside.. And they're the same race.

    The only thing I'd have a problem with, is people that have a problem with this. If I found out that any of my friends were that racist I honestly think I'd have issues ever looking at them in the same light.

  • No why would I be bothered?! Heck I'd date inter-racially! Don't give a sh*t myself :)

  • No, why would I have a problem with that? Besides, it was in his past so who cares?

  • no, who cares about who they dated before they met you?

  • My boyfriend, who is white, told me that he has a lot of friends who won't date a person if they have been with a black person.

  • lol...I would respond with cool and ask about the cultural difference they experienced with that partner. I see no problem with it...I don't really plan out who to date whomever comes along that I become interested in I date no matter past interracial relationships. I accept that person for who they are...now if you asked me how I would feel if my boyfriend dated someone with AIDS or an STD in the past I just might have to say goodbye. Safety First! ha.

  • It doesn't really change anything I don't think anything of it.

  • I wouldn't mind at all. I would, however be concerned if they had dated a different species. ^^

    • What you have said is very true

  • I experienced with a white guy before and once we ended he told me that he was embarressed to go out with me because of my race. A few weeks later, I found out he hooked up with a few girls of his own race..if bothered me a lot because of the way he told me when we originally broke up. We both made this decision to because I just wasn't committed anymore, and I was attracted to someone of my own race within the relationship. And I felt dishonest so I told him, he might of said this out of anger and his actions definitely showed..but it's over now. I honestly do not care, but I think you would have to experience an interracial relationship and a breakup with that to understand this question and where she's comming from.

  • it should not matter what race he/she dated in the past as long as he/she doesn't make it effect the presnt

  • A. Most definitely A. I will never knowingly date a white girl that had dated outside her race in the past. I believe one must be loyal to your race, at least sexually. I will also immediately dump a girl I'm in a relationship with if I find out that she has done this. I will make a point to find this out before I get too invested in her. Luckily I don't live in the USA. Here where I live white girls are still conservative and have their heads screwed on firmly. Also no self-righteous people here that will call me backwards for simply not buying into this new age, hip-hop, color-blindness propaganda. Sure, everyone can have equal rights, but date your own race, thank you very much. I won't try to stop you from dating outside your race if you really want to; I'll simply lose sexual interest in you and it is my right to dump you for it.

    I have to laugh at all the beta white males and liberal wussies insulting people who vote A. Have fun thinking you are better than others. If you liberals can only realize how intolerant and totalitarian you are. More power to you if you don't care about this issue, but don't insult or try to incriminate those who do.

    • 1mo

      I'm a guy. I randomly clicked girl without thinking when signing up, and now I'm stuck with it :/

      But my opinion would have been the same if I were a girl.

  • Yes i would have a huge problem with it and would probably not be able to look past it but at least my boyfriend has never interracially dated.

  • why should that really matter? I am sure there are other past related things that are much much more important than who they dated and what race. but I understand some people are offended by such stuff for whatever reason.

  • Nope I wouldn't mind, I ain't no racist and I believe all people should be treated equally. As for racists they shouldn't even exist.

  • Does it really matter? I could really care less. The color of one's skin shouldn't matter.

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