Do Latinas' like black guys?

Well after learning about how latin Americans worship white people, I wondered how they feel about African American guys. I don't look at "race" when meeting women but after reading how they only pretty much date white guys I became a bit discouraged.


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  • Sorry to break it to you man but you're asking a retarded question.

    Firstly, you have to remember the social stigma your people have. You were all slaves at one point. Latin Americans typically have an old-world mentality which is why they don't PREFER black people. A lot of them feel like they need to improve their station in life. They see marrying a dark-skinned person as a step backwards because of their history as slaves, you get what I'm saying? The same goes for Native Americans. We were enslaved by the Spanish and so anyone who is pure or mixed race is considered unattractive just like the Blacks.

    On the other hand black people can really be adored. Look at Pele, look at Cubillas. Both soccer stars of Black ancestry but loved and admired nonetheless. Peru even has the only Black patron saint in the world.

    Naturally, it is also all dependent on personal preference. Maybe there are some Latinas out there who admire Black Americans and all the "bling" you fuckers represent, boo-ya, you got pussy ready-made for you. You get what I'm saying man? It's not just a one way street.

    Let's not be asking anymore silly questions man. You and everyone else needs to understand that people will always have their prejudices or their preferences. Don't be all butt hurt by it and for Pete's Sake don't fucking say, "This is the 21st century" because back during Roman times I'm sure they were saying, "This is the 1st century." Nothing has changed man. People are people and it will always remain so. I believe in spanking kids but the idea nowadays in "the 21st century" is NOT to spank them. What does that make me then, uncivilized? Nah man, that just makes me human with my own capacity for making my own decisions.

    • Its stupid logic. I was literally a perfect match for a Latina girl back in HS. Same interest and everything. She only dated white guys. People who spoke down to her, used her and didn't care.

      Looking back, she's now a single mom with some burn out white boy who washes dishes. she's still into the same things I liked and all.

      But here I am a college grad, great job. Great guitarist and so on.

      All because she couldn't get over white boys. Her parents are both Spanish and is most of her family.
      I myself look more Spanish than black because im mixed. Italian and Trinidadian.

    • Yeah man. I never said it was fair. I totally know what you mean too. But oh well, just have to move on. It's their loss.

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  • As someone who is often mistaken as Latina, I feel like I am somehow qualified to answer this question. Yes, I like black guys.

  • Sadly, in a lot of hispanic culture there seems to be some colorism even against dark latinos, especially from the men, not all, but many of the hispanic guys i know (i'm half mexican) don't want their sisters/daughters dating dark skinned or black men and so many of the hispanic girls i know also don't find them attractive. One latina friend of mine exclusively dates black men, that's just her preference and who she's attracted to. But it really depends on the girl, not all hispanics are like that, i for one have dated black men and i don't care about race, i care about the guy, you just have to find latinas (typically less traditional and conservative) that feel that way, they are out there :)

  • well, im latina and yes i do prefer white guys. not sure why, i just do. HOWEVER, i have been sexually attracted to numerous amounts of black guys. i actually was really attracted to and liked one of my old friends and he was black. he told me he wanted to be my first black guy kiss hahaha but anyway yeah, i prefer white guys for some reason, but i definitely wouldn't mind at all being with a black guy!

  • Not true at all I love black men!

  • Unfortunately, I follow the stereotype. I'm Hispanic, and I'm mostly attracted to white guys. I can occasionally find other Hispanic guys attractive, and very rarely Asian guys, but usually not black guys. It's not that I'm racist. I have a lot of black friends. I'm just not sexually attracted to them. Don't give up hope though! Each girl is different.

  • I am half Latina, half Italian. I prefer black guys for many reasons. I am just more attracted to them than I am to white men. I find white men to be really douchey and arrogant, and racist when it comes to minorities. I would know from having a white father, witnessing first hand experience how racist he is, I don't know why he ever dated latinas considering how raciat he is. This isn't me being butthurt either, as a majority of men who show interest in me are white, I just would never want to marry one for those reasons. I don't know why any Latina would ever consider marrying a racist white douchebag tbh. Black guys in general are just hotter. Also really shocked at the ignorant answers. I wonder who dates all the afro latino men in south American countries? Um LATINAS.

  • It's all in what you like. I know a black girl who dates a white guy. I know a hispanic girl who only dates Hispanics and I know a hispanic girl who like that meaty black dick

  • Sorry to break it to you, I'm hispanic and if I were to date a black guy my parents would disown me :'(

  • No not all Latinas like at all, I'm one an I would consider black males without a doubt.

    • Thanks. There's also streotypes that black men gets the ulgy and fat latina and white women. Is that true?

    • For the most part it is true... hate to say it. They are usually either ghetto or fat 9 out of 10 times. And that's just me keeping it real

  • Speaking for myself, no sorry, I like white and Hispanic guys. Some mixed guys can be cute but I'm am not really into blacks


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