Most embarrassing thing you've done while drunk?

Please share your stories, my main problem i have when I drink alcohol is I talk way to much and tell people my life story :(, I've done a few other embarrassing things too, I'm just intrigued to hear about other ppls


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  • ahhhh where do I begin lol, well one time after I came outta a club I really needed to pee so I decided it would be a great idea to piss all over the door of some shop, I was going and a policeman is standing there like watching me and he made me stop midway and he just told me to go home or else I'd be spending the night in jail. Another time I woke up in my back garden with no jeans or t shirt on, and half of my face was sunburned since I was sleeping on the grass funny... so I had to walk around for the next while with half of my face red, and the other half white. That only scratches the surface on what I've done when drunk lol


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  • This is kind of a trick question for me to answer...cauz I'm quite shameless when I'm drunk, and even in the morning afterward, I don't get embarrassed often.

    If I'm this shameless at age 26...imagine me @ age 66, or 76. :-P


    Here is one of my "damn, I'm outta control" moments:

    I was in college, and I was @ a dive bar with some friends at the downtown area. I drank A LOT that night and was quite drunk to be honest; between pre-partying, and the numerous Irish car bombs I took lol.

    It was definitely late (past midnite), and this redhead woman in a little red dress walks into the bar. I'm a naturally sociable dude, so I definitely walked up to her and started seamlessly chatting with her, sitting next to her at the front of the bar.

    Out of pure reflex, my hand kept gravitating, and decided to sit on her legs. I seriously didn't think "she has nice legs, I want to touch them".

    I swear my "other head" took control and wanted to touch her yummy caramel legs lol.

    As I was talking, she would take my hands off her legs, then me being a drunken idiot would put my hand right back where it was. This happened at least 3 times while we were talking. We continued chatting until I left the bar.

    I'm shocked that she:

    1) didn't slap me

    2) continued to chat with me

    I felt like such a douchebag in the morning. I usually behave better than that. :-X

    • Out of pure reflex, my hand kept gravitating, and decided to touch her legs

  • a bunch of stuff... Kissed my ex that was terrible..woke up naked in a bath rub..went around having people punch me...i harassed some dude calling him gay and stuff all night. The list goes on

  • Went down on my friend.

    • Male or female? Lol

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    • No in harm in that if it was consensual?

    • Yeah... I mean, he didn't stop me. And he certainly seemed to enjoy it.

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  • I was at a party once and was standing in a room right across from my ex and his friends. This guy came up to me and I was already nervous because my ex was there and I wanted to look cool/good. So when he came up to me I jumped and spit out all of the beer in my mouth. It projected across the room and onto my ex boyfriend and his friends. The whole room filled with people went quiet and stared at me...

  • last night I blacked out after taking 9 whiskey shots, admitting my depression issues, puking my guts out, harassing my guy friends and falling on my ass 20 times, thus making it hurt like hell haha

  • one time when I was drunk ... I went home all alone so all of a sudden I jumped on this unknown guy and started kissing him so baaaaaaaadly lool .. he didn't even bother to remove me or anything instead he kissed me huh loool ... that's only one of the million things hehehhehe

  • Can you breathe? I can't breathe. Is this normal? Why can't I breathe? *huff huff huff* Can you breathe? WHY CAN'T I BREATHE?! Ooh tacos! Not really embarrassing, but random.

  • Two most embarrasing things I've done while drunk...

    1. Falling on the floor at party on my old neighborhood, full with people who knew all my family.

    2 . Crying and throwing up in front of friends and my parents.


  • I've never really done anything embarrassing (that I can remember), but I've said some interesting things. People always give me a hard time about saying that Abraham Lincoln was my grandpa and that I wanted his children.