Most embarrassing thing you've done while drunk?

Please share your stories, my main problem i have when I drink alcohol is I talk way to much and tell people my life story :(, I've done a few other embarrassing things too, I'm just intrigued to hear about other ppls


Most Helpful Guy

  • ahhhh where do I begin lol, well one time after I came outta a club I really needed to pee so I decided it would be a great idea to piss all over the door of some shop, I was going and a policeman is standing there like watching me and he made me stop midway and he just told me to go home or else I'd be spending the night in jail. Another time I woke up in my back garden with no jeans or t shirt on, and half of my face was sunburned since I was sleeping on the grass funny... so I had to walk around for the next while with half of my face red, and the other half white. That only scratches the surface on what I've done when drunk lol