Is a woman biting her lip saying she wants you?

If you're talking to a girl and she's looking in your eyes and she bites her lip what does that mean exactly?

If you're talking to a girl and you say something flirty or sexual to her and she looks away/down and smiles/bites her lip what does that mean?

If a girl bites her lip because of you/directed at you that's always a good thing right? But what is she trying to say exactly.

Please bear with me I just like to know exactly from other people what it means even though I can probably guess what it means.


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  • If you're creeping her out she may be angry or nervous and biting her lip.

    But I know if my evil girl mind were trying to freak out a guy and I was crushing on him, I'd look at him and bite my lip and smile a little. But hey, depends on the chick.

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  • Maybe or maybe she is biting her lip to avoid telling you to f*ck off! Just hard to tell

  • I personally do it in a flirty way, not on purpose but it happens sometimes. But there could easily be dozens of reasons.

  • You need to not only look at her bitting her lip but look in her eyes too. If they look alittle creeped out or give off a scared tone in anyways then that means she doesn't like what your saying. If her eyes look playful or Mischevious (or however its spelled >..<"

  • Some girls bites her lip when she is nervous or mad.

    if she look away mostly is mad.

    but she's looking in your eyes, she want u.

    you can see if she bites her lip when she talk to other ppl.

  • People usually do it when their nervous or anxious

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