Why do black people tend to have big lips and white people seem to have small lips?

I've always wondered why that seems to be the way it is. I'm just curious is all.


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  • Because its natural looool it's like asking why the skyis blue and the grass is green.

    • touche lol

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  • My lips are almost too big for my face, and I'm as white as it gets, lol.

  • im black and my boyfriend is white and his lips are bigger than mine, my mothers and sisters

  • genetics? I feel like big lips are fun to bite ><

  • Because no offence but white people like it that way and sometimes it's better to have a small lip.

  • Because big lips are sexy.

  • I'm latina and my lips are very thick!

  • Lol I've seen big and small in both races. perfect ex: Angelina Jolie !

    • it seems pretty unusual to see big lips on a white person though

  • That's just like asking how come black people tend to be dark and white people tend to be pale.Their genetic makeup causes their lips to usually be kind of full.

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