What does it mean when a girl tells you personal things about herself?

Awhile back I dated a girl for about 2 months (if you could call it that). She had just gotten out of a relationship of 1.5 years cause her boyfriend dumped her. She was still in love with him, but they both started seeing other people. Even though she turned me down when I asked her out she still wanted to hang out all the time, cuddle, talk, go out to eat, go to school dances, etc. so when were talking all the time we go into pretty deep stuff like who she lost her virginity to, views on pda, life dreams (she almost told me about some horrible incident she was in that she told only 3 other people in her life about). All that was only after a month of seeing her and before that I was one of her friends and she of course didn't talk about stuff like that with just friends. A month later her ex (that she was still in love with and knew that) came back so they got back together and I was effectively rebounded. why would she tell me all that stuff? I know she wouldn't know she wasn't going to get back with her ex but tell some new guy personal stuff after only a month?


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  • We girls can get pretty chatty in the short term after a severe break up and things come out of our mouthes that shouldn't. Just be a geniune guy and forget it until she comes crying back when they break up again.

    • i thought it was cus she trusted me or liked me. and no she didn't come crying back went to a different guy lol

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  • Well, I am kinda secretive about my life. I have told my guy friend/ex boyfriend everything because I still like him, she might be doing this to you, but instead of still likeing you, she just likes you. She does not want to admit is because she isn't or doesn't want to be over her ex boyfriend.


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  • That's pretty normal stuff to talk about. It regularly comes up in the first few dates when I meet someone

    • wow lucky you lol that's like never come up in the first few dates.

  • The girl's last name does not start with the letter H, does it?