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What is the opposite of Jungle Fever?

What if a black girl is crazy for white guys what do you call that? Not jungle fever. Right?

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  • You gotta listen to the words of the Stevie Wonder song:

    "I’ve got jungle fever, she’s got jungle fever

    We’ve got jungle fever, we’re in love"

    Most of the time it's a passing phase,

    but you know what they say,

    "once you go white,

    you know it's all right!"

    You go girl.

    • Thanks for the BA!

What Guys Said 9

  • desert wellness?

    or cracker craving..

  • Vanilla fever? That's not really gender-specific, though.

  • Snow fever ;)

  • That's easy...Honky-Tonkin.

  • right...

    white fever

    its what Kobe & Tiger had lol

  • I would call it sanity

    • Boo Hoo did my answer leave someone butt hurt?

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    • Immature for a 31 year old, no offense

      It's OK to not agree with IR dating, but to offend others who are open to it or have no problem with it is ridiculous

    • I cannot believe you degenerate losers are keeping this pathetic topic going

  • Just curious or do you have this "disease"? lol

    • Yeah I do actually. Been diggin several Vanilla brothas.

  • I would call it an anomaly in real life. Not here though

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