I went through my boyfriend's phone?

I went through my boyfriends phone while he was in the shower this morning and saw a message to another girl that said hey gorgeous. etc etc.

anyway this morning on the way to work I asked if he was sleeping with other girls.. he said no.

then I blatantly told him I went through his phone. without mentioning the messages. I said I shouldn't have done it but I did.

he said it was an invasion of privacy (he was right, I'm embarrassed I've never done anything like that before)

either way.. he didn't mention the messages. And he said he couldn't even think about it right now because he had a lot of other stuff on his mind.

i think we are gonna break up. I want to. I don't trust him.

i guess my question is.. how do I get out of this without looking like the crazy bitch that went through his phone?


Thanks for all the support y'all.. planning on the break up.. boys suck.. except you stanley ;)


Most Helpful Guy

  • What makes you a crazy bitch? How is going through his phone when you are suspicious any different than a detective snooping around someone's house or car for evidence of a crime? Sure it's an invasion of privacy, but the main problem is that he was possibly cheating on you with another girl. If all you found were messages to his granny telling her to be careful to not fall and hurt her hip, then you'd be a snoop, but that's all.

    Did your curiosity get the better of you? Hard to say that it did since you discovered something you needed to know about. The real risk is finding something and taking it out of context.