Can you actually win big cash on scratch tickets?

I feel like they are a scam; sometimes you win like whatever you spent to get the ticket ( break even,) maybe even like 50 bucks - but I've never heard of anyone winning like the grand 30,000 prize or something like that off of one of em?

Can you and how frequently do you think it happens?

Thanks guys, imma jus keep scratchin em because it's fun lol - did you know they are bringing out a new scratch ticket with the grand prize being that you win 100K for the rest of your life each year? Odd how our economy can be sucking yet they have thousands to give away for fun :P well...not that anyone who wins is complaining ha ha


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  • absolutely! the small convenience store a couple blocks from home has sold 3 scratch tickets worth $1000., $7777. and $ far in 2012...As one respondent said if you read the back of the ticket it will give you a lot of info including odds of each prize and how many prizes are to be awarded, in FL, and I would suspect most if not all other states with lottery, the Lottery website will also give you the stats on how many of the prizes have already been claimed for each game...So when I feel like buying a couple tickets I go on the website and check to see what games still have the highest number of large cash prizes...hope this helps! and like they say responsibly