Why do some people refuse to date within their own race?

Let me start by saying I've dated all different types of females and every different race including my own, so this isn't about me. I had a friend tell me that he refuses to date within his own race. I also had a female friend tell me she prefers to date outside of her race. When I asked them why, they didn't really have a good reason.

I'd love to hear different answers on this topic please. NO RACE WARS THOUGH! IM DEFINITELY NOT TRYING TO START ONE!


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  • I've always hated hearing about people doing that, now I am considering it. As bad as this is to say, finding a decent guy that is dating material of my own race is like finding a needle in a haystack. I feel guilty like I'm betraying my race but you have to do what you gotta do to be happy right? I am really tired of the thug mentality, or abusive ways, or lack of ambition, playerism, materialism, or jealousy and self hatred that so many guys have. It makes dating kind of exhausting. I know it's hard to find a good guy regardless of race, but I feel it's honestly harder to find a good black guy. If you do he probably likes white girls lol.

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      Funny you say that because that's how I feel about black women. ( I am a young black male by the way.) I'm not saying that as a cheap shot. All of my black female friends who are worth my time either date thugs, or white men. I get where you're coming from though...