White guys wouldn't date Mexican girls?

why are you white guys so picky? I never get checked out by you guys .im half Mexican , and I've never seen a white guy check me out ! on the other hand , with Asians ,black etc guys always seem to be hitting on me constanly. I honestly feel like you guys look down on us Hispanics .


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  • I guess you're looking in the wrong places. Hispanic girls are all I like!

    • How does one "look" for a guy of a certain race liking a specific type of girl? Where does one look? I think there wouldn't be a possible way to do such, unless she started approaching all of them.

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  • Sometimes I'm subtle because I don't want to be screamed at or given dirty looks. And I would look at a cute woman no matter what race or creed, if I thought she was cute.

    Maybe some guys around you are just excellent about not getting caught.

  • Join the club. Quite often over the years, I've felt the same way about white women. The biggest reason why I do not get positive attention from white chicks is because I'm black, next to being short. It sucks honestly, tends to lead for very negative feelings about another ethnicity. In truth, there's always someone out there who has a superiority complex about other ethnicities which is just downright uncomfortable and uncalled for. Reality being what it is...

    If I wasn't old enough to be your papa, I'd jump you in a heartbeat. You look marvelous, absolutely marvelous.

    Look at it this way: If a person doesn't want you because of race issues, they don't know what they are missing out with you. Their loss ;)

    Now tell me, how can I get a hot Latina? heheh

    • most white chicks are racist ! honestly lol and I don't know , but Latinas love black guys so I'm pretty sure you'll get one (:

  • Maybe they're checking out your... back when you're walking past them. I tend not to do the cartoonish eyes-wide-open, tongue-hanging-out thing when I'm attracted to a girl. Who knows, maybe you're a little intimidating to these poor vanilla guys.

  • This is news to me. Never heard of this.

  • I think plenty of white guys would date Mexican girls. It's more likely a result of circumstance why you haven't been hit on by white guys. If you're really interested in particular white guys, it always helps to be a bit more aggressive so he knows you're into him but not so aggressive that he's turned off

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  • On that same note, why do black guys go after white chicks, blondes especially, or why do white chicks around my area go after Mexicans, not enough Asian persuasion to go around my turf so I can't say much for them.

  • What white guys are picking black over Mexican? I thought white men loved Hispanic women right after their own and Asian o_0

    • of course white guys aren't picking black girls over Mexican girls.

    • We ONLY like white looking Hispanic not darkies

    • Stfu joelop Im into darker skin latinas more then white ones and I know a lot of guys like that

  • You're a pretty girl. Beauty is beauty...Whether a woman is black, white or Hispanic. This type of ignorance is the main problem in the world. And maybe white guys aren't dating you, because you ask questions like this. Just be yourself and you will find wonderful guy.

  • Besides the fact of you calling most white girls racist, decent guys of any race don't like someone directly soliciting attention on the internet.. just saying.

  • I've only dated white guys and I'm half Mexican :)
    The majority assumed I was not not interested in them.
    Maybe you should start making more eye contact

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