White guys wouldn't date Mexican girls?

why are you white guys so picky? I never get checked out by you guys .im half Mexican , and I've never seen a white guy check me out ! on the other hand , with Asians ,black etc guys always seem to be hitting on me constanly. I honestly feel like you guys look down on us Hispanics .


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  • You're a pretty girl. Beauty is beauty...Whether a woman is black, white or Hispanic. This type of ignorance is the main problem in the world. And maybe white guys aren't dating you, because you ask questions like this. Just be yourself and you will find wonderful guy.

  • On that same note, why do black guys go after white chicks, blondes especially, or why do white chicks around my area go after Mexicans, not enough Asian persuasion to go around my turf so I can't say much for them.

  • What white guys are picking black over Mexican? I thought white men loved Hispanic women right after their own and Asian o_0

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      We ONLY like white looking Hispanic not darkies

    • of course white guys aren't picking black girls over Mexican girls.

  • I wouldn't say white guys don't like Mexican girls, but rather the type of white guys in your area are not attracted to the type of Mexican girls you and your friends are. (when I say type, I mean features).

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      You're wrong and I myself can vouch for that, white guys get with a lot more than just white girls.

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      That's right we ONLY like white girls

  • Hi there, so was going to respond, I thought I understood your position but then I read your comments on the answers you got. You think white people are racist and use the term gringo and seem so exacting in your perception of white men and women. So firstly, if you think so poorly of them then why are you so upset that you don't get checked out or hit on enough and claim that you are being discriminated against, that is just hypocritical and mean. Secondly, don't bite the hand that feeds you, if you want people to like you or approach you then don't be exactly what you accuse others of doing.

    • don't sweat it

    • thank you . and I didn't mean to offend you but that's just the way I feel .

    • well, I'm those ignorant pricks yelled those cruel things to you and your friends, I am white, and I am not like that, I wouldn't want anyone to treat me poorly because I'm from Appalachia. the only reason I would not be nice to someone it would be because they are not nice to me depending on how bad they are. But I guess I am the exception to the rule because I am probably the only white American that cheers for Mexico and Canada in sporting events. Nevertheless, I hope all works out for you

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  • They may think you prefer latin men, who can be more attractive than white guys.

    Or they could be racist.

    Or they find your beauty intimidating.

    • who knows :p

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    I guess you're looking in the wrong places. Hispanic girls are all I like!

    • How does one "look" for a guy of a certain race liking a specific type of girl? Where does one look? I think there wouldn't be a possible way to do such, unless she started approaching all of them.

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    Because we only like white girls NOT darkies now just leave us ALONE!!! You NEED to love your race, what is wrong with Hispanic guys? We ONLY date white girls

  • Tottaly untrue. I am sure there are a lot of white guys checking you out. White guys are just kind of different about how they show attraction for women. There often not as outgoing or as obvious about what they like.

  • white guys don't hate Hispanics. I notice that the hate is directed at blacks for some weird reason

  • I have no problem with Mexican girls, I would date you.

  • Are you kidding? If you're cute, you're cute...doesn't matter what your heritage is. BTW, you look pretty cute to me

    • thank you (:

  • It may just be the way you are thinking

  • I absolutely would, Mexican-American girls can be insanely attractive! It really just comes down to whether you're personally attracted to a certain individual or not...

  • Will you marry me ?

    • lol it was suppose to be a small joke xD, guess it didn't go on how I planned :S

    • its crepy lol

    • :O, why does no one like anonymous guys :(

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  • because where I live, this is what I've noticed, it's more common for me to see a white girl date a Mexican guy more so than see a Mexican girl date a white guy

  • so how many parts of the world have you been to, to direct and target males that you claim don't like you-_-

  • If I saw you in person I wouldn't even think of you as being Mexican. So, if I wouldn't even think of you as being Mexican there would be no way I would decide not to date you because you're a Mexican. Also, a girls race has nothing to do with her attractiveness. If I find a girl attractive, her being white, black, asian, or Hispanic would have nothing to do with it.

    There's she's hot and she happens to be white, or she happens to be Asian etc. Or she is ugly and she just so happens to be white... Asian etc etc. NOT She's hot because she's a certain race or she's ugly because she's a certain race.

    All I know is my girlfriend would have a hard time believing that I am picky and that I look down on Hispanics seeing how she was born in Paraguay... and she is actually 100% Hispanic where as you... you're a mixture. So, if you're going to raise this question about guys looking down on a certain race because YOU don't get checked out by WHITE guys.. then you should state that you think white guys look down on mixed people.

  • Depends on the guy. I don't know why you think why we look down on you?

    • and plus ,ive NEVER seen white guys with Latinaa/Hispanics

    • for many reasons , but who knows

  • Lol you're not Hispanic or white you're mixed. so don't go off thinking you're either. its like mixing soda with milk and calling it 'milk' its properties aren't there anymore, they're deluded. like oil and water separates itself. just not the same. Even if we are picky, why do you care so much? plenty of other mixed people around you can have stuff in common with.

    • depends on who it was. Variety of reasons.

    • for what? lol

    • Bummer. Well, if it makes you feel better, I've turned other girls down merely for that. Lol

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  • I doubt any guy would know you were Mexican just from looking at you... I don't think that has anything to do with it. It might have to do with your body, what clothes you wear, etc. Really though, I bet you are getting checked out and just don't realize it, or something along those lines.

    • I'm not saying she looks white, but she's saying it's because she's Mexican. I doubt the average person would know her race at first glance. My whole point is exactly that, it's not simple, so how would any one know she's Mexican?

    • Its not hard. Facial structure gives it away. She doesn't have white features at all. Outside having pale skin, but skin doesn't classify a race by itself. Nor does a mental disorder/ mutation classify one as an entire race, there is a lot more to it than it being that simple.

  • Sometimes I'm subtle because I don't want to be screamed at or given dirty looks. And I would look at a cute woman no matter what race or creed, if I thought she was cute.

    Maybe some guys around you are just excellent about not getting caught.

  • Wut, I'm in high school, I date the chickas all the time.

  • I think it's wrong to generalize all white guys. Just because you aren't getting checked out by the white guys around your area, doesn't mean you wouldn't in another area. I hate saying this but, seriously. Every guy has a different preference. Every human has a different preference. So that being said, "your question is bad, and you should feel bad!"

  • I say it's their loss.

  • You are extremely cute in you pics, if a guy doesn't want to have you, he is just gay.

    • thanks (:

  • I've never personally met a Mexican girl in my life but I would be open to dating them. I wouldn't consider myself that picky lol

    • haha I would but I live in England... its quite far away and I haven't met many. I am sure they are, I deffinitly find them pretty :P

    • you should meet one ! their great lol

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