Persian people. Why are they always rude to me?

I live in Los Angeles, where there is a large Persian population. In my experience, they have all been snobby and rude. I'm sure that there are some who are nice, but I have yet to meet them.

What is the deal with their attitude? I always try to be nice to them, but they're rude anyways!


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  • Really? Bummer, dude. Persian/Iranian women are one of the few who DON'T think I am ugly. Even when during my visits in the Middle East when I would come across Iranians, they were always friendly to me.

    Don't know why they are to you.

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      I think they're hideous, but that's just me. As far as whether or not I think they're nice, their looks are irrelevant.

      I work a front desk job, and the rudest people are always Persians. The nicest people are black or Hispanic. Whites are a toss up. Even when I'm not at work, Persians are the rudest.

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      "I think they're hideous"

      Asked and answered!

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      How do you mean? I'll be nice to anyone, regardless of whether or not I'm attracted to them physically.